More Teens Have Diabetes or Prediabetes


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More Teens Have Diabetes or Prediabetes

The percent ofِ U.S.
teens withِ diabetes isِ on theِ rise, a newِ study suggests.
Prediabetes isِ a condition inِ which blood sugar levels areِ abnormally high, butِ not high enoughِ to beِ classified asِ diabetes.

Both diabetes and prediabetes are risk factors for cardiovascular disease, the researchers said.

The researchers didِ not haveِ data toِ sayِ whether theِ children hadِ Type 1 orِ Type 2 diabetes.
The study alsoِ found 50 thatِ percent ofِ overweight teens, andِ 60 percent ofِ obese teens hadِ atِ least oneِ risk factor forِ cardiovascular disease, including diabetes, borderline-high orِ high cholesterol levels orِ high blood pressure (hypertension).
Participants wereِ interviewed andِ underwent a physical exam.

The study is published in the May 21 issue of the journal Pediatrics.

Pass itِ on:  The percentage ofِ teens withِ diabetes orِ prediabetes increased 14 percent overِ the lastِ decade.
Editor’s note: This article hasِ beenِ updated toِ reflect theِ fact thatِ the study didِ not distinguish betweenِ Type 1 andِ Type 2 diabetes.

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