More Men Than Women Have Oral HPV Infection


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More Men Than Women Have Oral HPV Infection

About 7 percent ofِ adults andِ teens inِ the United States areِ orally infected withِ theِ human papillomavirus, orِ HPV, a newِ study says.
Oral HPV infections causeِ some oropharyngeal cancers, orِ cancers ofِ the tongue, theِ tonsils orِ backِ of theِ mouth.
The findings alsoِ show oral HPV infections are, forِ the mostِ part, sexually transmitted.

How common is oral HPV?

Between 1998 andِ 2004, incidence ofِ newِ cases ofِ oropharyngeal cancer inِ the United States moreِ than tripled (from 0.8 cancers perِ 100,000 people toِ 2.6 cancers perِ 100,000 people).
Despite theِ rise, littleِ was knownِ aboutِ the prevalence ofِ oral HPV infection, andِ the characteristics ofِ those whoِ haveِ it.
The researchers foundِ HPV inِ the cells ofِ 6.9 percent ofِ the participants, andِ HPV 16 inِ 1 percent.

More research

It couldِ beِ that HPV isِ more likelyِ to beِ transmitted throughِ oral sex onِ women versusِ men, theِ researchers said.
Smoking mayِ suppress theِ immune system, leading toِ longer infections withِ theِ virus, theِ researchers said.
The researchers noted theirِ findings areِ based onِ study participant’s reports ofِ their sexual behavior andِ smoking, whichِ mayِ not beِ completely accurate.