Moms Multitask More Than Dads, Enjoy it Less


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Moms Multitask More Than Dads, Enjoy it Less

The stereotype ofِ the busy working mom divvying upِ herِ energy betweenِ kids, husband andِ housework isِ atِ least partially true, according toِ newِ research thatِ finds thatِ notِ only doِ mothers multitask moreِ than fathers, they’reِ lessِ happy doingِ so.
1) inِ the journal American Sociological Review, finds thatِ working mothers spend aboutِ 10 hours a week moreِ multitasking thanِ doِ working fathers.
While dads areِ more engaged thanِ everِ in home life, theِ research reveals thatِ moms stillِ shoulder a heavier burden, saidِ study researcher Barbara Schneider, a sociologist atِ Michigan State University.

Juggling responsibilities

Multitasking mayِ feel productive, butِ psychological research suggests ourِ brains aren’t atِ their bestِ when divided betweenِ two orِ moreِ tasks.
Schneider andِ her colleagues wanted toِ knowِ howِ much time moms andِ dads spend doingِ two orِ moreِ things atِ once, andِ just asِ important, howِ they felt aboutِ it.
Paid work puts a lot ofِ multitasking burden onِ bothِ moms andِ dads, withِ work-related multitasking making upِ 36 percent ofِ multitasking episodes forِ dads andِ 23.4 percent ofِ multitasking episodes forِ moms.

Modern family

Though moms piled onِ moreِ multitasking atِ home thanِ dads, theyِ were alsoِ less cheery aboutِ it.
They reported a lowerِ sense ofِ well-being whenِ multitasking thanِ didِ multitasking dads, Schneider said.
The study foundِ that forِ working moms, 52.7 percent ofِ multitasking episodes atِ home wereِ housework-related, compared withِ 42.2 percent forِ working dads.