Migraine Pain Relief May Come with Mild Brain Shock


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Migraine Pain Relief May Come with Mild Brain Shock

Migraine headaches areِ among theِ nastiest ofِ chronic pains, oftenِ debilitating, andِ scientists andِ doctors areِ frequently befuddled inِ trying toِ deal withِ them.
A potential newِ treatment forِ migraines couldِ comeِ thanks toِ a newِ method ofِ brain stimulation inِ the form ofِ mild electrical shocks.
Marom Bikson, associate professor ofِ biomedical engineering inِ CCNY’s Grove School ofِ Engineering, hasِ shown thatِ a brain stimulation technology canِ prevent migraine attacks fromِ occurring.


In pilot studies, theِ effects lasted forِ months.
The team’s computational models show thatِ tDCS delivers therapeutic current alongِ the pain network throughِ bothِ upper (cortical) andِ deep brain structures.
Thirty-six million Americans suffer fromِ migraine, according toِ theِ Migraine Research Foundation.

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