Mental Sharpness Begins to Decline in Middle-Age


Mental Sharpness Begins to Decline in Middle-Age

The brain’s abilities toِ reason, comprehend andِ remember mayِ start toِ worsen asِ early asِ age 45, a newِ study fromِ England suggests.
Researchers gave tests ofِ thinking skills toِ aboutِ 5,100 men andِ 2,200 women betweenِ the ages ofِ 45 andِ 70 years overِ a 10-year period.
They foundِ people ages 45 toِ 49 years experienced a notable decline inِ mental functioning.

The study was published today (Jan. 5) in the British Medical Journal.

Healthy lifestyle may help with brain aging

Previous evidence suggests thatِ impaired cognitive function couldِ beِ  an early sign ofِ dementia.
One recentِ study showed cognitive performance strongly predicted a 75 percent diagnosis ofِ Alzheimer’s disease, a common form ofِ dementia, afterِ six years.
Though theِ age atِ which cognitive decline begins remains unknown, researchers sayِ the newِ study demonstrates theِ importance ofِ a healthy lifestyle, particularlyِ paying attention toِ cardiovascular health, whichِ mayِ helpِ stave offِ the effects ofِ brain aging.

A faster decline among older people

Study participants wereِ tested forِ memory, vocabulary, hearing andِ visual comprehension skills.
People wereِ givenِ cognitive tests threeِ times overِ the courseِ of theِ study.
Researchers foundِ that overِ the 10-year study, thereِ was a 3.6 percent decline inِ mental reasoning scores inِ people whoِ wereِ betweenِ the ages ofِ 45 andِ 49 atِ the study’s start.