Men’s Sex Problems Go Beyond Erectile Dysfunction


Men’s Sex Problems Go Beyond Erectile Dysfunction

A large percentage ofِ men withِ erectile dysfunction (ED) alsoِ suffer fromِ other sexual problems thatِ can’tِ beِ treated withِ drugs, a newِ study says.
Approximately 30 million American men, orِ halfِ of allِ men ages 40 toِ 70, haveِ ED, orِ trouble achieving orِ sustaining anِ erection, theِ researchers said.
Darius Paduch, a urologist atِ New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

The results are published Tuesday (Aug. 23) in the British Journal of Urology International.

Sexual problems

Paduch andِ his colleagues analyzed questionnaires fromِ more thanِ 12,000 men withِ mild toِ moderate erectile dysfunction enrolled inِ clinical trials ofِ anِ erection drug.
Men withِ moreِ severe ED wereِ alsoِ more likelyِ to haveِ more severe ejaculation andِ orgasm problems, Paduch said.
Orgasm dysfunction wasِ reported byِ 26 percent ofِ this group, andِ ejaculation dysfunction byِ 18 percent.

Better treatments

The finding makesِ sense, saidِ Dr.
Andrew Kramer, a urologist atِ the University ofِ Maryland Medical Center, becauseِ erectile dysfunction isِ known toِ occur alongِ with otherِ sexual problems.
In fact, men likelyِ underreport theseِ otherِ sexual problems, soِ the actual percentage ofِ men whoِ suffer fromِ them mayِ beِ higher, saidِ Kramer, whoِ wasِ notِ involved withِ theِ newِ study.