Men Prefer Pink Female Genitals to Red, Study Finds


Men Prefer Pink Female Genitals to Red, Study Finds

Red lips, red hearts, red negligees — there’sِ noِ doubt thatِ red isِ a seductive color.
A common explanation forِ the sexiness ofِ red suggests thatِ men areِ attracted toِ theِ color becauseِ it reminds themِ ofِ genital arousal, muchِ asِ the red swellings onِ female baboons’ bottoms signal receptivity toِ male baboons.
It’s tooِ simplistic toِ basically say, ‘Oh well, ourِ closest primate relatives haveِ these genital swellings andِ therefore men areِ reacting toِ red coloring,’ saidِ study researcher Sarah Johns, anthropologist atِ the University ofِ Kent.

Seductive red

If red clothing orِ lipstick acts asِ a proxy forِ genitals, itِ stands toِ reason thatِ men wouldِ prefer redder vulvas onِ women, Johns said.
5 Myths About Women’s Bodies] The researchers firstِ needed someِ similar, non-pornographic pictures ofِ female genitals, a task thatِ was quiteِ difficult, Johns said.
The researchers picked fourِ similarly angled photos andِ retouched eachِ of themِ intoِ pale pink, light pink, dark pink andِ red.

We were really careful to make sure that the re-coloring looked natural, Johns said.

Ranking red

The results showed thatِ insteadِ of preferring red, theِ men actuallyِ showed theِ leastِ preference forِ red vulvas.
It basically showed thatِ there wasِ noِ differentِ betweenِ the threeِ pinkish shades, butِ the reddish shade wasِ ranked significantly lessِ attractive, Johns said.
Still, theِ fact remains thatِ red hasِ beenِ shown toِ beِ anِ eye-catching, dominant shade, especiallyِ in competitive situations.