Meghan Markle’s 15 Best Dresses


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are one good-looking couple. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Meghan Markle’s 15 Best Dresses

Meghan Markle isِ used toِ beingِ in theِ spotlight, butِ her status asِ Prince Harry’s girlfriend isِ making herِ a household name.
During Markle andِ Prince Harry’s firstِ public outing together, sheِ opted forِ a surprisingly casual outfit.
Here areِ 15 ofِ Markle’s bestِ style moments, including theِ outfit sheِ wore whenِ making thingsِ official withِ theِ prince (No.

1. Epitome of cool

We’re notِ sure ifِ we’re moreِ inِ awe ofِ Markle’s outfit, toned legs, orِ confident pose.
You canِ just tellِ Markle feels good inِ this suit, andِ we definitelyِ don’t blame her.
Her white button-down isِ simple, butِ her black stilettos give herِ a fashionable boost.

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2. Rocker ready

Who said a little white dress couldn’t look totally rocker ready?

At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week inِ fall 2014, Markle’s draped studded leather jacket, metallic snakeskin heels, andِ slightly messy updo madeِ herِ look edgy, butِ still couldn’t keepِ herِ fromِ looking ultra feminine.

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3. Fierce for a good cause

As a VIP attendee atِ a black tie event, youِ betterِ expect Markle toِ bring herِ A-game.
She looked fierce inِ this black crochet cut-out dress, bejeweled drop earrings, andِ gold heels atِ the Novak Djokovic Foundation New York Gala inِ 2013.
The charity event andِ dinner, hosted byِ tennis player Novak Djokovic, raised $2.5 million forِ preschool programs inِ Siberia.

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4. Queen of winter

Looking likeِ the queen ofِ winter, Markle looksِ cozy andِ chic duringِ the MADE Fashion show inِ February 2015.
Her fur Miu Miu coat isِ definitelyِ the center ofِ attention, butِ we love theِ colors sheِ mixed intoِ the ensemble.
Her icy blue Wes Gordon skirt withِ theِ gray tone ofِ herِ shoes, alongِ with stark white accents inِ herِ top andِ clutch, isِ anِ example ofِ howِ to stay fashion forwardِ — evenِ when there’s snow onِ the ground.

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5. Match made in heaven

Markle andِ Prince Harry haveِ finally attended a public event together, andِ people areِ going crazy overِ it.
They held hands andِ stayed close toِ eachِ other onِ Sept.
Her brown Everlane tote bag andِ trendy tortoiseshell frames top offِ the look, butِ her lightly tousled hair isِ the perfect finishing touch.

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6. Bringing the heat

We’re starting toِ believeِ Markle isِ one ofِ those lucky people whoِ manage toِ lookِ amazing inِ everyِ color.
Markle heated thingsِ up inِ the middle ofِ January duringِ ELLE’s 6th Annual Women inِ Television Dinner inِ 2016.
Her burgundy dress withِ floral detail wasِ madeِ evenِ more stylish withِ itsِ high neckline.

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7. A daring take on menswear

Markle wasِ actuallyِ shining bright likeِ a diamond atِ the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards inِ 2015.
Her metallic silver dress perfectly meshes glamour andِ menswear intoِ one.
Our favorite detail isِ the deep V neckline, whichِ brings a huge wow factor toِ theِ overallِ look.

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8. Laid back in white

How couldِ allِ eyes notِ beِ on Markle inِ this stunning look. She looksِ effortlessly chic inِ this all-white ensemble atِ NBC’s 2015 New York Summer Press Day. She seemsِ to haveِ the perfect laid-back attitude, whichِ helps herِ pull offِ these flowy wide-leg pants.

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9. Glitzy and glamorous

Her glitzy blue dress wasِ elegant, butِ the shape makesِ itِ seem pretty comfortable. She reallyِ glammed upِ theِ lookِ with a teased updo, drop earrings, andِ fierce winged eyeliner. Her heels areِ trendy, butِ they tone downِ the lookِ a bit withِ theirِ darker hue.

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10. Sleek style

It’s notِ often thatِ we seeِ Markle withِ pin-straight hair, butِ the sleek style complements thisِ look. Markle rocked thisِ curve-hugging dress atِ the UJA-Federation ofِ New York’s Entertainment Division Signature Gala inِ 2015. Our favorite part ofِ the ensemble isِ herِ colorful footwear.

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11. Making a trendy statement

Markle definitelyِ looks theِ part whileِ attending theِ Misha Nonoo fashion show duringِ fall 2015 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Her midi-length dress withِ cutout details madeِ a trendy statement, andِ we love thatِ sheِ stuck withِ theِ color scheme inِ herِ handbag andِ sparkly flats. No matter whichِ lip color sheِ chose, itِ would haveِ transformed theِ look.

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12. Statuesque beauty

Markle appears statuesque inِ this gorgeous evening gown. She’s definitelyِ glowing whileِ attending theِ 2014 Elton John AIDS Foundation’s 13th Annual An Enduring Vision Benefit. The dark teal color makesِ herِ look royal, evenِ prior toِ dating Prince Harry.

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13. Fashion Week style

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week hasِ provided Markle numerous opportunities toِ show offِ herِ keen sense ofِ style. She’s lookingِ trendy atِ the 2015 Peter Som fashion show, rocking a striped, black-and-white crop top paired withِ a black midi-length skirt. She wentِ with nude heels inِ herِ signature pointed toe style toِ finish offِ the look.

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14. Tailored to perfection

Markle attended theِ 2015 NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Upfront lookingِ asِ chic asِ ever inِ New York City. Her wide-leg trousers areِ tailored toِ perfection andِ paired fabulously withِ black pointed-toe heels. Her strapless top features someِ fun details, including sheer ruching overlaying strategically placedِ florals andِ a black bow tying theِ lookِ together.

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15. Royal style tips

Markle looked fresh andِ ready forِ spring inِ April 2016 atِ the Glamour andِ L’Oreal Paris Celebrate College Women Of The Year event. Her pale blue crochet dress isِ byِ Self-Portrait, whichِ isِ a brand Pippa Middleton hasِ beenِ seen wearing. We love theِ midi length andِ teardrop detail ofِ the dress, butِ we especiallyِ admire Markle’s pairing ofِ illusion white pointed toe heels.