Marriages Are Happier When Wives Are Skinnier Than Husbands


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Marriages Are Happier When Wives Are Skinnier Than Husbands

The oldِ sitcom cliché ofِ a svelte woman married toِ a rotund man mayِ hold a secret toِ marital contentment, according toِ a newِ study thatِ finds bothِ partners areِ more satisfied inِ marriage whenِ theِ wife isِ slimmer thanِ the husband.
The findings suggest it’sِ not eitherِ partner’s overallِ weight thatِ matters inِ keeping theِ couple satisfied; rather, whatِ matters isِ the relative difference betweenِ the two.
Of course, saidِ study researcher Andrea Meltzer, a graduate student inِ psychology atِ the University ofِ Tennessee, body weight isِ just oneِ ofِ hundreds ofِ factors thatِ influence howِ happy people areِ in long-term relationships.

Really, women of any size can be happy with the right partner, she said.

Little women

Couples inِ which theِ wife wasِ pregnant wereِ dropped, leaving 165 couples inِ the study.
The vast majority ofِ the couples wereِ Caucasian, andِ the average age ofِ the husbands andِ wives fell inِ the mid-20s range.
Every sixِ months forِ the firstِ four years ofِ their marriages, theِ volunteers filled outِ mail-in surveys aboutِ their marital satisfaction.

Happy husband, happy wife

We thinkِ thatِ what mightِ beِ going onِ isِ that physical attractiveness andِ weight isِ more important toِ men thanِ itِ isِ to women, Meltzer said.
So we’reِ seeingِ this effect occur throughِ men, suchِ that theِ husbands areِ more satisfied atِ the beginning ofِ their marriage andِ then wives’ satisfaction followsِ later.
Because husbands areِ more satisfied, thenِ theirِ wives areِ more satisfied.