Marijuana That Doesn’t Get You Stoned


Credit: Medical marijuana via Shutterstock

Marijuana That Doesn’t Get You Stoned

I haveِ a hunch thisِ nextِ nugget I’m goingِ to pack theِ pipe withِ isِ goingِ to beِ a real drag forِ many card-carrying members (and friends) ofِ the medical marijuana community.
Tikun Olam, a government-approved medical marijuana plantation inِ northern Israel, hasِ developed a newِ strain ofِ cannabis thatِ containsِ very lowِ traces ofِ tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), theِ psychoactive constituent inِ marijuana thatِ makesِ users feel high.
That’s becauseِ it containsِ less thanِ oneِ percent THC, compared toِ theِ Tikun Olam’s mostِ popular strand thatِ containsِ 23 percent.

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After all, mostِ medical-marijuana patients partake solely forِ the medicinal benefits, right.
For someِ ofِ the people it’sِ not evenِ pleasant, Zack Klein, head ofِ development atِ Tikun Olam, told Reuters.
After researching CBD-enriched cannabis sinceِ 2009, Tikun Olam cameِ up withِ Avidekel sixِ months ago.

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All youِ sparkers ofِ the sweet cheeba, I knowِ itِ sounds likeِ Avidekel threatens toِ cash yourِ favorite pastime.
Though youِ mayِ beِ less stoked toِ toke it, atِ least theِ folks atِ Tikun Olam haveِ your bestِ interest inِ mind: yourِ health.
After all, theِ real reason behindِ allِ those bong rips isِ becauseِ you areِ afflicted andِ in noِ way, shape orِ form enjoy gettingِ stoned, right?.