Many Teens Rely on the Pill for Non-Sexual Reasons


Many Teens Rely on the Pill for Non-Sexual Reasons

Many women areِ popping theِ pill forِ more thanِ itsِ pregnancy-prevention benefit, according toِ a study byِ the Guttmacher Institute.
women takingِ the oral contraceptive areِ doing soِ solely toِ treat menstrual cramps orِ forِ anotherِ purpose notِ related toِ birth control.
It isِ well established thatِ oral contraceptives areِ essential health care, becauseِ they prevent unintended pregnancies, Guttmacher study researcher Rachel K.

Pill survey

In-person interviews ofِ 7,356 women ages 15 toِ 44 wereِ conducted betweenِ June 2006 andِ December 2008, withِ results beingِ weighted toِ ensure theِ findings wereِ nationally representative.
Nationwide, aboutِ 11.2 million women ages 15 toِ 44, orِ 18 percent ofِ allِ U.S.
women, currentlyِ use oral contraceptive pills.

The teen years

Pill users ages 15 toِ 19 stood outِ inِ the survey forِ their variousِ non-contraceptive-related motivations.
That makesِ sense, asِ menstrual-related disorders andِ irregular periods areِ common duringِ the teen years, Guttmacher researchers noted; seventy  percent toِ 91 percent ofِ female teenagers report painful periods, andِ 25 percent indicateِ menstrual irregularity.
Of allِ women surveyed whoِ usedِ theِ pill, teens wereِ theِ mostِ likelyِ (82 percent) toِ use birth control pills partly orِ solely forِ non-contraceptive reasons.