Magic Mushrooms Trip Up Brain Activity


Credit: Cactu, Wikipedia

Magic Mushrooms Trip Up Brain Activity

The active ingredient inِ psychedelic mushrooms decreases brain activity, possibly explaining theِ vivid, mind-bending effects ofِ the drug, a newِ study finds.
The decreases wereِ focused inِ regions thatِ serve asِ crossroads forِ information inِ the brain, meaning thatِ information mayِ flow moreِ freely inِ a brain onِ mushrooms.
In otherِ words, theِ regions affected makeِ up whatِ someِ people call ourِ ‘ego.’ That activity decreases inِ the ‘ego-network’ supports whatِ people oftenِ say aboutِ psychedelics, thatِ they temporarily ‘dissolve theِ ego.’ 10 Most Destructive Human Behaviors] .

Quieting the brain

Psilocybin, theِ chemical thatِ givesِ mushrooms theirِ trippy properties, hasِ long-lasting effects beyondِ the initial high.
A recentِ Johns Hopkins University study foundِ that a single experience withِ psilocybin inِ a controlled environment canِ alter personality long-term, making people moreِ open toِ newِ experiences.
We wanted toِ knowِ what isِ goingِ on inِ people’s brains toِ produce suchِ profound effects.

A promising treatment?

The scans revealed a surprise: Psilocybin neverِ increased activity inِ the brain, butِ only decreased activity inِ places, especiallyِ information transfer areas suchِ asِ the thalamus, whichِ sits smack inِ the middle ofِ the brain.
‘Knocking out’ theseِ key hubs withِ psilocybin appears toِ allowِ information toِ travel moreِ freely inِ the brain, probablyِ explaining whyِ people’s imaginations becomeِ more vivid andِ animated andِ the world isِ experienced asِ unusual, Carhart-Harris said.
The effect lasts aboutِ a half-hour forِ a moderate dose givenِ asِ anِ intravenous shot, Carhart-Harris said.