‘Magic Mushrooms’ May Permanently Alter Personality


Credit: Cactu, Wikipedia

‘Magic Mushrooms’ May Permanently Alter Personality

Just oneِ strong dose ofِ hallucinogenic mushrooms canِ alter a person’s personality forِ more thanِ a year andِ perhaps permanently, a newِ study finds.
People givenِ psilocybin, theِ compound inِ magic mushrooms thatِ causesِ hallucinations andِ feelings ofِ transcendence, demonstrated a moreِ open personality afterِ their experience, anِ effect thatِ persisted forِ atِ least 14 months.
This personality warp isِ unusual, saidِ study researcher Katherine MacLean, becauseِ personality rarely changesِ much afterِ the age ofِ 25 orِ 30.

Tripping for science

Both LSD andِ psilocybin areِ under investigation forِ their useِ inِ treating anxiety; MacLean’s postdoctoral adviser atِ Johns Hopkins, Roland Griffiths, isِ leading a study toِ find outِ ifِ psilocybin mightِ  ease anxiety andِ depression inِ cancer patients.
Each person attended betweenِ two andِ five eight-hour drug sessions inِ which theyِ would sit blindfolded onِ a couch listening toِ music — a wayِ toِ encourage introspection.
During oneِ ofِ the sessions, theِ volunteers received a moderate-to-high dose ofِ psilocybin, butِ neither theyِ norِ the experimenters knew whetherِ theyِ would beِ swallowing a psilocybin pill orِ a placebo onِ anyِ given day.

Transcendence in a pill

29) inِ the Journal ofِ Psychopharmacology, revealed thatِ while otherِ aspects ofِ personality stayed theِ same, openness increased afterِ a psilocybin experience.
These mystical experiences wereِ marked byِ a sense ofِ profound connectedness, alongِ with feelings ofِ joy, reverence andِ peace, MacLean said.
Top 10 Mysteries ofِ the Mind] It’s probablyِ notِ justِ psilocybin thatِ causesِ changes likeِ this, butِ more theseِ kinds ofِ profound life-changing experiences, whateverِ flavor theyِ take, sheِ said.