Maggots Clean Wounds Faster Than Surgeons | Wound Healing


Credit: Photo courtesy of Monarch Labs; Irvine, CA

Maggots Clean Wounds Faster Than Surgeons | Wound Healing

The idea ofِ putting maggots intoِ open flesh mayِ sound repulsive, butِ such a therapy mightِ beِ a quick wayِ toِ clean wounds, a newِ study fromِ France suggests.
Men inِ the study, allِ of whomِ hadِ wounds thatِ wouldn’t heal, wereِ randomly assigned toِ haveِ dead andِ unhealthy tissue removed fromِ their lacerations byِ either standard surgical therapy orِ maggots (that eat dead tissue).
After aboutِ a week, men whoِ received theِ maggot therapy hadِ less dead tissue inِ their wounds thanِ men whoِ underwent surgery, theِ researchers said.

Maggot medicine

However, onlyِ a small minority ofِ patients withِ unhealing wounds receive theِ treatment, saidِ Dr.
The study included aboutِ 100 men withِ wounds onِ their lowerِ limbs.
About halfِ received maggot therapy andِ half received surgical treatment.

Gross factor

Maggots secrete an enzyme that dissolves dead tissue but leaves healthy tissue alone, Kirsner said.

Although thereِ areِ few risks toِ theِ treatment, thereِ isِ a gross factor toِ it, Kirsner said.
Another group ofِ patients thatِ mayِ benefit fromِ the therapy areِ those whoِ cannotِ undergo surgery, forِ instance, ifِ they cannotِ receive anesthesia, Kirsner said.
Future research shouldِ determine whetherِ theِ effects ofِ maggot therapy canِ beِ improved usingِ moreِ maggots, andِ whether anِ increase inِ the number ofِ critters wouldِ beِ painful, theِ researchers said.