‘Macho’ Guys More Accepting of Safe Sex


‘Macho’ Guys More Accepting of Safe Sex

In a turnaround onِ the usual stereotype ofِ macho, testosterone-laden guys making risky life choices, a newِ study finds thatِ young men withِ higher levels ofِ this sex hormone areِ more likelyِ to accept safe-sex practices.
The research focused onِ a population ofِ 18- andِ 19-year-old men inِ their firstِ year ofِ college, a time whenِ manyِ areِ just beginning theirِ sexual lives, saidِ study researcher Sari van Anders, a behavioral neuroendocrinologist atِ the University ofِ Michigan, Ann Arbor.
The finding mayِ reveal thatِ forِ young college men, insisting onِ safe sex couldِ feel likeِ a riskier move thanِ unprotected sex, van Anders told LiveScience.

Bold moves

Testosterone isِ linked toِ boldness andِ confidence, asِ well asِ in perilous decisions, suchِ asِ making high-risk financial bets.
In theِ case ofِ sex, theِ obvious risk wouldِ beِ of pregnancy orِ sexually transmitted infections (STI).
Do youِ care moreِ aboutِ the possibility ofِ acquiring anِ STI, whichِ mightِ seem unlikelyِ despiteِ allِ these educational efforts, orِ doِ you care moreِ aboutِ your partner rightِ now, potentially thinking negative thingsِ aboutِ you.

Testosterone and safe sex

The results revealed thatِ men withِ higher testosterone levels hadِ more positive attitudes aboutِ safe sex.
They wereِ alsoِ more likelyِ to sayِ they’d useِ a condom evenِ if thereِ were obstacles suchِ asِ social stigma inِ the way, theِ researchers reported online Nov.
The results wereِ strongest forِ men whoِ wereِ sexually active, possibly becauseِ their attitudes wereِ based onِ actual behaviors, van Anders said, thoughِ moreِ research wouldِ beِ needed toِ test this.