Love of Money May Mess Up Your Marriage


Love of Money May Mess Up Your Marriage

Loving money mayِ not beِ good forِ your love life, according toِ newِ research thatِ finds thatِ materialists haveِ unhappier marriages thanِ couples whoِ don’tِ care muchِ aboutِ possessions.
And a materialist marrying a like-minded soul mayِ not getِ off theِ hook: The leastِ satisfying marriages wereِ thoseِ inِ which bothِ spouses cared strongly aboutِ material goods.
We thought itِ would beِ the incongruent orِ unmatched pattern thatِ would beِ most problematic, whereِ one’sِ a spender andِ one’s a saver, Carroll told LiveScience.

Loving things

Years ofِ previous research haveِ turned upِ compelling evidence thatِ materialism isn’tِ great forِ anybody, Carroll said.
Multiple studies haveِ foundِ that people whoِ areِ materialistic areِ alsoِ more anxious, depressed, andِ insecure thanِ non-materialistic types.
A stronger love ofِ money hasِ alsoِ been linked toِ trouble atِ home, asِ these individuals tend notِ to balance family evenly withِ work.

Materialism and marriage

Of theِ marriages studied, 14 percent wereِ matches betweenِ two non-materialists.
In aboutِ 11 percent, theِ wife wasِ highly materialistic whileِ theِ husband wasِ not; inِ anotherِ 14 percent, thatِ mismatched pattern wasِ reversed.
Across theِ board, Carroll said, thoseِ marriages withِ atِ least oneِ materialistic spouse wereِ worse offِ on allِ measures thanِ marriages whereِ neitherِ spouse wasِ materialistic.

Banishing materialism

The study couldn’tِ test howِ materialism erodes a marriage, butِ Carroll andِ his colleagues haveِ a couple ofِ theories.
The firstِ is thatِ materialism causesِ spouses toِ makeِ bad financial decisions, spending beyondِ their means, gettingِ in debt andِ stressing eachِ other out.
Another possibility, Carroll said, isِ that people whoِ areِ materialistic spend lessِ time nurturing theirِ relationships withِ people inِ their haste toِ getِ things.