Lifestyle as Young Adult May Affect Age of Menopause


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Lifestyle as Young Adult May Affect Age of Menopause

A woman’s lifestyle may influence when she undergoes menopause, according to a new study.

The factor thatِ madeِ the biggest difference inِ menopausal age wasِ smoking.
Women whoِ smoked experienced menopause aboutِ two years earlier thanِ women whoِ didn’tِ smoke, saidِ Dr.
Women inِ the study whoِ wereِ considered obese byِ their body mass indexes (BMIs) experienced menopause aboutِ one year laterِ on average thanِ normal-weight women.

The study was published April 10 in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

What triggers menopause?

Menopause isِ believed toِ beginِ when theِ number ofِ ovarian follicles, whichِ produce eggs, drops belowِ a certainِ threshold.
andِ Europe reach menopause betweenِ the ages ofِ 48 andِ 52, according toِ theِ study.
Morris andِ her colleagues usedِ data fromِ aboutِ 51,000 women takingِ part inِ the Breakthrough Generations Study, anِ ongoing study inِ the U.K.

Weight gain and alcohol

Women inِ the study whoِ gained aboutِ 30 pounds duringِ their 20s andِ 30s wereِ aboutِ one year older atِ menopause thanِ women whoِ didِ not gain anyِ weight overِ that time, Morris said.
Women inِ the study alsoِ underwent menopause laterِ ifِ they drank moreِ than twoِ drinks a day onِ average betweenِ ages 25 andِ 49, didِ regular strenuous exercise betweenِ the ages ofِ 30 andِ 49, orِ were vegetarian, thoughِ eachِ of theseِ factors influenced theِ age ofِ menopause byِ less thanِ oneِ year.
In line withِ previous studies, havingِ more thanِ three children wasِ alsoِ linked toِ a laterِ age ofِ menopause.