Kraft Foods Recalls Tassimo T Discs | Tassimo Coffee Maker


Credit: CPSC.

Kraft Foods Recalls Tassimo T Discs | Tassimo Coffee Maker

The U.S.
Consumer Product Safety Commission andِ Health Canada, inِ cooperation withِ Kraft Foods Global Inc., ofِ Northfield, Ill., announced a voluntary recall ofِ aboutِ 2.1 million packages ofِ Tassimo espresso T Discs inِ the United States andِ anِ additional 1.9 million inِ Canada.
Hazard: The recalled espresso T Discs canِ becomeِ clogged andِ spray hot liquid andِ coffee grounds ontoِ consumers andِ bystanders duringِ or afterِ brewing, posing a burn hazard.

No other T Discs are included in this recall.

Sold by: Department, mass merchandise, home improvement andِ other stores nationwide andِ on variousِ websites, including, fromِ August 2011 throughِ February 2012 forِ betweenِ $8 andِ $11 perِ package.

Manufactured in: United States

Remedy: Consumers shouldِ stop usingِ theِ recalled espresso T Discs immediately andِ contact theِ firm forِ a full refund.
Consumer Contact: For additional information, visit orِ call theِ firm toll-free atِ (866) 918-8763 betweenِ 8 a.m.
ET Monday throughِ Friday orِ betweenِ 8 a.m.