Know What’s Creating Young Picky Eaters? Pressure to Eat


Know What’s Creating Young Picky Eaters? Pressure to Eat

You canِ lead a child toِ broccoli, butِ you can’tِ make himِ eat it, theِ oldِ saying goes.
In anyِ case, a newِ study suggests thisِ isِ the reality forِ parents — thoseِ who pressure theirِ kids toِ chow downِ produce youngsters whoِ areِ more likelyِ to beِ picky eaters.
The answers givenِ byِ 104 mothers ofِ children ages 3 throughِ 6 inِ the United Kingdom toِ questions aboutِ their kids’ behaviors showed thatِ urging themِ to eat significantly raised theِ chances theِ kids wouldِ dig inِ their heels andِ refuse.

The study will be published in the December issue of the journal Appetite.

Gentle encouragement

They rated severalِ ofِ their kids’ behaviors surrounding mealtimes, including food fussiness, slowness inِ eating, under-eating inِ response toِ emotional states andِ how quickly children saidِ they felt full.
Those whoِ reported moreِ child fussiness overِ food alsoِ said theyِ used muchِ moreِ pressure toِ getِ their children toِ eat, orِ restricted variousِ foods forِ health reasons.
Farrow saidِ itِ depends onِ whether theِ goal isِ to getِ kids toِ simply eat moreِ or toِ try a newِ food.

Letting kids take the lead

Parents shouldِ offer a range ofِ nutritious foods atِ mealtimes andِ snacks, andِ then sit backِ andِ let theirِ children takeِ the lead, saidِ Dr.
My personal feeling isِ that, yeah, weِ wantِ ourِ kids toِ eat broccoli, butِ how areِ they toِ eat broccoli whenِ .
Let kids drive whenِ they’reِ hungry, don’tِ force feed themِ when they’reِ not, don’tِ fret aboutِ it andِ don’t offer junk food toِ makeِ up forِ when kids don’tِ want toِ eat, Eglash recommended.