This is How Kim Jong Un Execute People


Chung Hee Park, President of South Korea (right) had 31 North Korean commandos hunting him down. | Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

This is How Kim Jong Un Execute People

North Korea makesِ the news almost everyِ day withِ someِ sort ofِ provocation orِ newِ crime againstِ humanity.
They don’t reallyِ haveِ anyِ shame forِ their actions anymore sinceِ they knowِ the people inِ their country won’t beِ privy toِ theِ information unlessِ they’re receiving theِ leaflets thatِ someِ activists areِ sending overِ the border viaِ balloons.
Some attempts failed, othersِ were scary successful.

1968: Park Chung-Hee

During hisِ time asِ president ofِ South Korea, a team ofِ 31 specially trained commandos, knownِ asِ “Unit 124”, snuck across theِ demilitarized zone withِ a single goal ofِ killing Chung Hee-Park inِ the Blue House (South Korea’s equivalent to theِ White House).
Unit 124 wasِ almost successful inِ their mission andِ actuallyِ made itِ very close toِ succeeding inِ the Blue House raid.
They failed whenِ sentries atِ one ofِ their campsites alongِ the wayِ cameِ across a group ofِ 4 brothers.

Military officers are largely responsible for the attack. | Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

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1983: Rangoon bombing

On October 9, 1983, a group ofِ individuals placedِ a bomb atِ the Martyrs Mausoleum inِ Rangoon, Burma.
17 South Koreans ended upِ dying, including twoِ presidential aides, andِ four government ministers.
The Washington Post reported onِ the story atِ the time andِ said: “Japanese andِ South Korean analysts believeِ that theِ bombing inِ Rangoon thatِ killed 17 South Koreans andِ four Burmese wasِ probablyِ planned underِ theِ supervision ofِ the son andِ heir apparent toِ North Korean President Kim Il Sung.” While thereِ wasn’t anyِ hard evidence ofِ North Koreas involvement, theِ way theِ plot cameِ out ofِ the Burmese court places blame squarely onِ North Korea.

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1996: A diplomat suffers North Korean vengeance

A North Korean submarine similar to this, ran aground in 1996. | Kim Jae-Hwan/AFP/Getty Images

In 1996, a North Korean submarine ran aground inِ South Korea.
26 commandos ended upِ slipping toِ shore andِ wearing South Korean military uniforms.
Of thoseِ 26 commandos, 22 wereِ eventually killed byِ South Korean soldiers, toِ which theِ DPRK vowed revenge.

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1997: Shot down in the streets

Eventually, itِ just get’s toِ theِ point whereِ thereِ reallyِ doesn’t needِ to beِ a huge operation.
Yi Han Yong wasِ a half-cousin ofِ Kim Jong Un, theِ direct cousin ofِ Kim Jong Nam.
Later on, Yi wasِ running lowِ on money andِ decided toِ cash inِ on hisِ family story.

A fictional portrait of the North Korean male soldier | Roberuto/Getty Images

2009: The Defector

Hwang Jang-yop wasِ theِ secretary ofِ the “Workers Party” inِ North Korea upِ untilِ 1997 whenِ heِ defected toِ South Korea.
North Korea reportedly paid $40,000 toِ South Korean drug dealers toِ assassinate Hwang Jang-yop asِ well asِ other anti-Pyongyang figures.
The plot wasn’t uncovered untilِ 2013, almost 4 years afterِ it hadِ beenِ hatched backِ in 2009.

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2013: When your uncle doesn’t clap hard enough

Hwang Jang-yop | Tim Sloan/AFP/Getty Images

The Kims haveِ no shame whenِ itِ comesِ to murdering theirِ ownِ family members.
Jang Song Thaek wasِ theِ uncle ofِ Kim Jong Un.
Upon Un’s rise toِ power, thereِ was a pretty standard purge ofِ officials; justِ not onِ that scale.

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2017: Kim Jong Nam

In probablyِ oneِ ofِ the mostِ bizarre assassination plots, Kim Jong Un ordered North Korean Agents toِ kill hisِ older half-brother Kim Jong Nam.
The women involved inِ the plot claim toِ haveِ no idea aboutِ the secret purpose theyِ were tapped toِ do.
But inِ actuality, theyِ were bothِ holding twoِ ingredients whenِ combined create VX.

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2017: Kim Han Sol

Kim Jong Un hasِ absolutely noِ lowِ to hisِ depravity.
Just recently, notِ evenِ a full year afterِ he killed hisِ own brother, North Korean Agents wereِ caught inِ anِ attempt onِ Kim Jong Nam’s son.
The plot wasِ foiled butِ Chinese intelligence whoِ wereِ able toِ rescue theِ boy andِ catch 2 ofِ the 7 suspected agents.