Kids Under 2 Should Play, Not Watch TV, Doctors Say


Kids Under 2 Should Play, Not Watch TV, Doctors Say

BOSTON — Children underِ age 2 shouldِ avoid watching TV asِ much asِ possible, according toِ a newِ policy statement fromِ the nation’s largest group ofِ pediatricians, whoِ suggest theِ tots shouldِ play instead.
In addition, TV viewing mayِ lead toِ sleep problems andِ a delayed useِ ofِ speech inِ young kids, recentِ research suggests.
And itِ may distract parents, preventing themِ fromِ speaking andِ interacting withِ theirِ kids, theِ AAP says.

Young kids and TV

The AAP firstِ released guidelines onِ media useِ byِ young kids inِ 1999, concluding thatِ media useِ byِ kids underِ 2 shouldِ beِ discouraged.
That’s notِ to sayِ that kids can’tِ benefit fromِ TV.
However, inِ order toِ gain a benefit fromِ a TV program, kids needِ to beِ able toِ understand andِ pay attention toِ it.

Setting limits

If parents choose toِ letِ their young kids watch TV, theyِ shouldِ set limits, theِ AAP says.
They shouldِ alsoِ avoid placing a TV inِ the child’s bedroom Parent shouldِ beِ aware TV programs mayِ affect theirِ child’s development, evenِ if theِ child cannotِ understand theِ program.
Violent TV Linked toِ Kids’ Sleep Problems] If parents cannotِ play withِ theirِ kids directly, evenِ having theِ children play withِ toys byِ themselves canِ beِ beneficial, theِ AAP says.

The new policy statement will be published in the November issue of the journal Pediatrics.

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