Kids’ Spatial Skills Improve When Parents Use Certain Words


Credit: Dreamstime

Kids’ Spatial Skills Improve When Parents Use Certain Words

When parents describe theِ size andِ shape ofِ objects toِ theirِ preschool children andِ the kids thenِ use thoseِ words inِ their day-to-day interactions, theِ children laterِ perform muchِ betterِ on spatial skills tests, a newِ study shows.
During nineِ 90-minute sessions atِ four-month intervals, theِ researchers video-recorded theِ caregivers andِ children asِ they engaged inِ their normal, everyday activities.
The researchers alsoِ found thatِ the children whoِ usedِ moreِ of theِ terms wereِ moreِ likelyِ to haveِ caregivers whoِ usedِ thoseِ terms moreِ often asِ well.

Such spatial skills are important in understanding mathematics, science and technology, the researchers point out.

This study isِ important becauseِ it willِ helpِ parents andِ caregivers toِ betterِ recognize andِ to seek opportunities thatِ enhance children’s spatial learning, saidِ Soo-Siang Lim, director forِ the Science ofِ Learning Centers Program atِ the National Science Foundation, whichِ partially funded theِ study.