Kids’ Falls from Windows Still a Problem, Research Finds


Kids’ Falls from Windows Still a Problem, Research Finds

Emergency rooms treat approximately 5,100 children who’ve fall outِ ofِ windows everyِ year, andِ more education isِ needed toِ bring thatِ number down, newِ research shows.
Researchers fromِ Nationwide Children’s Hospital andِ Ohio State University usedِ emergency room data fromِ the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System toِ analyze theِ cases ofِ 3,974 children whoِ suffered injuries afterِ falling outِ ofِ windows betweenِ 1990 andِ 2008.
Using thoseِ data, researchers estimated thatِ emergency rooms across theِ United States treated anِ estimated 98,415 children forِ injuries related fromِ falling outِ ofِ windows duringِ the study period, equal toِ aboutِ 5,100 children a year, orِ 14 children a day.

Injuries decreased in younger children

Injury rates forِ children younger thanِ fiveِ decreased substantially duringِ the firstِ fewِ years ofِ the study, butِ leveled outِ starting inِ aboutِ 2000.
Even withِ thatِ decrease, byِ 2008 theseِ children stillِ accounted forِ roughly two-thirds ofِ emergency room visits related toِ falling outِ ofِ windows inِ the study ofِ allِ children ages 17 andِ under, Smith told MyHealthNewsDaily.
The researchers categorized injuries byِ the sex ofِ the child andِ the part ofِ the body thatِ was injured.

Head injuries were especially common in younger children.

Children haveِ higher centers ofِ gravity thanِ adults, Smith said.
That’s whyِ weِ seeِ such a predominance ofِ head injuries.
While data describing theِ circumstances ofِ these injuries wereِ sparse, researchers thinkِ thatِ manyِ children wereِ able toِ reach windows byِ standing onِ furniture.

A problem we can preven

Both Smith andِ Mooney agreed thatِ the study results call forِ a renewed public education campaign toِ prevent falls fromِ windows.
Precautions suchِ asِ window guards — devices thatِ block kids fromِ exiting open windows — andِ window stops — whichِ prevent windows fromِ opening moreِ than fourِ inches — canِ help prevent theseِ injuries.
This isِ a continuing seriousِ childhood injury problem inِ this country, andِ we knowِ what works, Smith said.