Key to Better Sex Revealed in New Study


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Key to Better Sex Revealed in New Study

Personal attributes suchِ asِ self-esteem andِ autonomy alsoِ play a role inِ sexual pleasure andِ health, theِ researchers said.
Sexual health includes sexual well-being, andِ sexual enjoyment isِ anِ important part ofِ that], saidِ study researcher Adena Galinsky, ofِ Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School ofِ Public Health.
How people interact andِ their ability toِ listen toِ eachِ other andِ take eachِ other’s perspective canِ really influence theِ sex thatِ they have.

Studying sexual satisfaction

Respondents answered questions meant toِ gauge levels ofِ autonomy, self-esteem andِ empathy, alongِ with theirِ sexual health andِ satisfaction.
The study foundِ that men wereِ moreِ likelyِ than women toِ report havingِ orgasms mostِ or allِ of theِ time duringِ sex, withِ 87 percent ofِ men sayingِ so, compared withِ 47 percent ofِ women inِ the study.
Men wereِ alsoِ more likelyِ to enjoy giving oral sex toِ theirِ partner moreِ than women were, theِ study found.

Getting emotional in the bedroom

Our hypothesis isِ that empathetic individuals areِ more responsive toِ a partner’s needs, andِ thus initiate a positive feedback cycle, saidِ Galinsky.
These developmental assets mayِ beِ more important toِ young women’s sexual pleasure sinceِ they helpِ them break downِ impediments toِ sexual communication andِ exploration, heِ said, referring toِ theِ idea thatِ women areِ more inhibited inِ the bedroom.
Interestingly, recentِ data reported byِ Sara Konrath atِ the annual meeting ofِ the Association forِ Psychological Science hasِ shown thatِ this type ofِ empathy isِ dropping inِ adolescents andِ emerging adults, whichِ mightِ affect theirِ sexual satisfaction.