Just Add Sunlight | Iraqibacter Treatment | Behind the Scenes


Credit: Pradip Mascharak, University of California, Santa Cruz

Just Add Sunlight | Iraqibacter Treatment | Behind the Scenes

A newِ compound thatِ releases nitric oxide whenِ exposed toِ light offers a treatment toِ helpِ those infected byِ the potentially lethal bacteria Acinetobacter baumannii.
A team led byِ UC Santa Cruz chemistry professor Pradip Mascharak andِ his graduate student Brandon Heilman developed a compound that, inِ lab tests, eradicated a highly resistant strain ofِ A.
The compound consists ofِ photoactive manganese nitrosyl — whichِ releases nitric oxide whenِ itِ isِ exposed toِ light — contained inِ eitherِ a powdery silicate material (MCM-41) orِ anِ aluminosilicate material (Al-MCM-41).

There are other advantages to using nitric oxide for medical treatments:

Future plans forِ Mascharak’s team include testing theirِ treatment againstِ A.
baumannii inِ animal models.
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