IVF at Younger Age May Raise Breast Cancer Risk


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IVF at Younger Age May Raise Breast Cancer Risk

Women whoِ undergo inِ vitro fertilization atِ a relativelyِ young age haveِ a higher risk ofِ breast cancer, a newِ study fromِ Australia suggests.
Researchers foundِ that women whoِ underwent IVF atِ age 24 wereِ 1.6 times asِ likely toِ develop breast cancer asِ women ofِ the sameِ age whoِ underwent infertility treatments butِ not IVF, theِ study showed.
When allِ women inِ the study, whoِ wereِ betweenِ ages 20 andِ 44 atِ the study’s start, wereِ considered, thereِ was noِ overall link betweenِ undergoing IVF andِ breast cancer.

The findings were published online May 28 in the journal Fertility and Sterility.

IVF and cancer risk

The female hormone estrogen hasِ long beenِ known toِ fuel theِ growth ofِ some types ofِ breast cancer.
Levels duringِ IVF canِ peak atِ 4,000 picograms perِ milliliter ofِ blood, muchِ higher thanِ the 300 pg/mL seenِ duringِ a normal menstrual cycle, according toِ theِ study.
A 1999 study ofِ 30,000 women inِ Australia published inِ the Lancet showed noِ increased risk among women whoِ underwent IVF, compared withِ women inِ the general population.

A risk for younger women?

In theِ newِ study, researchers looked atِ information gathered onِ 21,000 women inِ Australia whoِ underwent treatment forِ infertility betweenِ 1983 andِ 2002.
Nearly 7,400 ofِ the women underwent IVF, andِ the women wereِ followedِ for 16 years, onِ average.
During theِ study, 384 women developed breast cancer afterِ their infertility treatments; ofِ these, 148 hadِ undergone IVF, whileِ 236 hadِ not.