Ivanka Trump Failed Plastic Surgery


Ivanka Trump’s pretty features are really south after. | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Ivanka Trump Failed Plastic Surgery

Ivanka Trump fans haveِ taken thingsِ a bit farِ — soِ far, inِ fact, thatِ they’ll goِ under theِ knife toِ lookِ likeِ the 36-year-old businesswoman.
Ivanka’s features haveِ sparked a fairly recentِ plastic surgery trend thatِ hasِ surgeons andِ the media alike takingِ notice.
In fact, there’s onlyِ oneِ celebrity whoseِ features areِ arguably moreِ sought-after (page 6).

Her look rose to popularity during the 2016 primaries

New York plastic surgeon Norman Rowe noted thatِ sinceِ the 2016 Republic primaries, he’s seenِ anِ influx of patients request toِ lookِ likeِ Ivanka Trump.
“I neverِ saw anyoneِ drawing inspiration fromِ Ivanka’s face] beforeِ the primary,” saidِ Dr.
it’s been] maybeِ fourِ a month; oneِ a week.” Since theِ summer ofِ 2016, nearlyِ 50 clients haveِ asked Dr.

Jenny Stuart has undergone many procedures to mimic the look of Ivanka Trump. | ABC via YouTube

People from both parties are vying for her features

Political affiliation seemsِ to haveِ little influence whenِ itِ comesِ to plastic surgery.
While New Yorkers notoriously vote blue, thatِ doesn’t stop themِ fromِ going forِ Ivanka’s look.
“I don’t thinkِ itِ plays a role inِ the least,” Dr.

Her look can take multiple surgeries to achieve

Rowe describedِ Ivanka’s lookِ to Page Six asِ widened cheekbones, a slender nose, andِ large eyes.
To achieve whatِ Dr.
Botched patient Tiffany Taylor hadِ 13 surgeries inِ one year beforeِ appearing onِ the show andِ asking theِ doctors toِ makeِ herِ look moreِ likeِ herِ idol.

You won’t believe how much it costs to look like Ivanka

Many women are spending boatloads of money to look just like the First Daughter. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

The surgeries canِ cost anywhereِ between $30,000 andِ $50,000.
Clients whoِ spend betweenِ $30-40,000 canِ achieve theِ lookِ with temporary fillers andِ Botox, whileِ othersِ throw downِ $45-50,000 forِ a permanent Ivanka appearance.
Taylor told ABC’s Nightline thatِ she’d alreadyِ had breast augmentation, a nose job, cheek injections, a “mini” eye lift, liposuction, andِ fat grafts added toِ herِ cheeks andِ planned toِ continue herِ surgeries.

There are some scary health risks

While theseِ women hadِ fairlyِ successful Ivanka transformations (we — sort ofِ — seeِ the resemblance), goingِ under theِ knife isn’t somethingِ to takeِ likely.
There areِ plenty ofِ health risks associatedِ with plastic surgeries including hematomas, nerve damage, andِ infection.
Surgical procedures likeِ breast augmentation commonly lead toِ numbness, whichِ canِ beِ a sign ofِ nerve damage.

This is the only celeb’s face that may be more popular than Ivanka

Left: Tiffany Taylor has undergone many surgeries and procedures to imitate the look of Ivanka Trump. | ABC via YouTube, Right: Ivanka Trump smiling brightly at an event. | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

King Kylie stillِ holds theِ crown asِ the mostِ sought-after celebrity face.
Rowe told Page Six thatِ Ivanka’s lookِ isِ beginning toِ rival Kylie Jenner’s, theِ 20-year-old makeup mogul withِ noticeably enviable lips.
Ourian warned againstِ the challenge, saying, “It creates a lot ofِ vacuum aroundِ your lips soِ itِ couldِ causeِ cuts.

The surgery trend doesn’t extend to Donald

According toِ Vanity Fair, In 1990, Ivana Trump saidِ under oath thatِ Donald flew intoِ a fit ofِ rage due toِ theِ pain fromِ a scalp reduction surgery he’d hadِ performed inِ 1989.
The surgery wasِ intended toِ correct balding.
While ourِ current president hasِ allegedly goneِ under theِ knife, heِ doesn’t haveِ many people vying forِ his look.

Women really look up to the busy career woman. | Drew Angerer/Getty Images