Is Constant ‘Facebooking’ Bad for Teens?


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Is Constant ‘Facebooking’ Bad for Teens?

Today’s teens andِ college students areِ what researchers call digital natives, orِ the iGeneration, a generation constantly connected toِ theِ Internet andِ Facebook, texting andِ instant messaging.
While teens whoِ useِ Facebook moreِ often show moreِ narcissistic tendencies, theyِ alsoِ have chances toِ learn howِ to socialize, particularlyِ shy teens.
For parents whoِ worry aboutِ online risks, Rosen said, If youِ feel thatِ you haveِ to useِ someِ sort ofِ computer program toِ surreptitiously monitor yourِ child’s social networking, youِ areِ wasting yourِ time.

The good-book

His talk focused onِ the good andِ bad effects social networks areِ having onِ teens.
The surveys included questions aboutِ computer, Internet andِ social-network use, useِ ofِ mobile Internet devices andِ phone services likeِ texting, asِ well asِ factors related toِ mental health.
The online social-networking experience canِ give shy kids anِ easier experience building relationships, byِ speaking throughِ a keyboard insteadِ of inِ person.

Negative networks

In addition toِ theِ positives, Rosen hasِ foundِ associations betweenِ social network useِ andِ various mental issues, including traits likeِ narcissism, a lack ofِ empathy, increased aggression andِ traits associatedِ with mental illnesses likeِ schizophrenia andِ depression.
Such a survey-based study can’tِ show whichِ trait (the mental issues orِ the Facebooking) cameِ first.
After observing 300 teenagers study, Rosen foundِ that online social networking canِ detract fromِ a teen’s learning andِ grades.