Injuries, Deaths Rise for Pedestrians Wearing Headphones


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Injuries, Deaths Rise for Pedestrians Wearing Headphones

The number ofِ pedestrians whoِ haveِ beenِ killed orِ injured whileِ wearing headphones hasِ more thanِ tripled inِ six years, according toِ a newِ study.
Everybody isِ aware ofِ the risk ofِ cell phones andِ texting inِ automobiles, butِ I seeِ moreِ andِ more teens distracted withِ theِ latest devices andِ headphones inِ their ears, lead author Dr.
Richard Lichenstein, anِ emergency room physician atِ University ofِ Maryland Hospital forِ Children, saidِ inِ a statement.

The study was published online Jan. 16 in the journal Injury Prevention.

More teens use headphones

Researchers reviewed cases ofِ pedestrian injuries andِ deaths inِ national news reports andِ databases thatِ were reported betweenِ 2004 andِ 2011.
They included accidents whereِ theِ pedestrian wasِ wearing headphones butِ excluded cases whereِ theِ device beingِ used wasِ a cellphone.
More thanِ halfِ of theِ vehicles involved inِ the accidents wereِ trains.

Distraction can put you at risk

Two likelyِ reasons whyِ headphone useِ isِ linked withِ vehicle injuries andِ deaths areِ distraction andِ sensory deprivation, according toِ study authors.
Distraction caused byِ the useِ ofِ handheld devices canِ cause inattentional blindness, whichِ reduces people’s mental attention toِ theirِ surroundings.
Not onlyِ areِ you distracted, butِ you can’tِ physically hear, whichِ canِ put youِ atِ risk, Lichenstein said.