Increased Heart Rate at Rest May Predict Disease


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Increased Heart Rate at Rest May Predict Disease

An increase inِ the heart rate ofِ people atِ rest mightِ indicateِ they areِ at a higher risk ofِ dying fromِ heart disease thanِ otherِ healthy-appearing people are, a newِ study fromِ Norway suggests.
Participants whoseِ resting heart rates increased byِ more thanِ 15 beats perِ minute overِ a 10-year period wereِ almost twiceِ asِ likely toِ die fromِ ischemic heart disease asِ those whoseِ heart rates remained stable.
A rise inِ resting heart rate wasِ alsoِ linked toِ anِ increase risk ofِ dying fromِ anyِ cause, butِ that link wasِ weaker, theِ researchers said.

Changing heart rate

The researchers examined information fromِ 13,499 men andِ 15,826 women fromِ Norway.
Participants hadِ their resting heart rate measured twice: onceِ betweenِ 1984 andِ 1986, andِ againِ 10 years later, betweenِ 1995 andِ 1997.
During theِ follow-up period,3,038 people died.

Keep your heart rate low

Doctors knew a high resting heart rate isn’tِ good (it isِ associatedِ with anِ increased risk ofِ dying fromِ cardiovascular causes), butِ the newِ study isِ one ofِ the firstِ to lookِ atِ the effect ofِ a change inِ heart rate overِ time, saidِ Dr.
Christopher Cove, a cardiologist atِ the University ofِ Rochester (N.Y.) Medical Center.
For instance, isِ the rise a marker ofِ unhealthy lifestyle habits, orِ mightِ itِ indicateِ anِ underlying genetic predisposition toِ theِ heart disease.