Humanity’s Favorite Colors | What’s Your Favorite Color?


Credit: Phillip Cohen Family Inequality

Humanity’s Favorite Colors | What’s Your Favorite Color?

As part ofِ a recentِ study onِ gender norms, University ofِ Maryland sociologist Philip Cohen asked nearlyِ 2,000 men andِ women a simple question: What’s yourِ favorite color.
Blue turned outِ to beِ most popular across theِ board, followedِ byِ green forِ men andِ purple forِ women.
The color preferences break downِ asِ follows: Cohen cautioned thatِ heِ didِ not survey a random sample ofِ the population, butِ rather a convenience sample ofِ students, faculty andِ staff atِ his university, asِ well asِ people whoِ heard aboutِ the study throughِ social media andِ link sharing.

So, there you have it. Humanity’s favorite colors.

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