Human Body Might Adapt to Radiation Exposure


Human Body Might Adapt to Radiation Exposure

Doctors whoِ areِ regularly exposed toِ X-ray radiation mayِ undergo changesِ in theirِ cells thatِ protect themِ fromِ the radiation theyِ encounter, a newِ study suggests.
These physicians haveِ higher levels ofِ a particularِ antioxidant called glutathione insideِ their red blood cells thanِ physicians whoِ don’tِ use X-rays regularly, theِ study showed.
However, it’sِ still notِ clear whetherِ theseِ changesِ will beِ beneficial inِ the long run, orِ reduce theِ physicians’ cancer risk, saidِ study researcher Dr.

Adaptation to radiation

Interventional cardiologists areِ doctors whoِ perform minimally invasive operations onِ the heart, andِ use X-rays toِ guide them.
Russo andِ colleagues analyzed blood samples fromِ 10 interventional cardiologists andِ 10 laboratory hospital workers whoِ wereِ notِ exposed toِ radiation asِ part ofِ their jobs.
The researchers concluded theseِ doctors mayِ beِ adapting toِ theirِ higher radiation exposure based onِ their levels ofِ molecules called reactive oxygen species (ROS).

Additional studies

The study isِ extremely interesting, andِ shows theِ body hasِ a wayِ ofِ changing toِ limit theِ negative side effects ofِ radiation, saidِ Dr.
Michael Samuels, a radiation oncologist atِ the University ofِ Miami Miller School ofِ Medicine, whoِ wasِ notِ involved withِ theِ study.
However, additional studies areِ needed usingِ larger groups ofِ people toِ determine theِ long-term effects ofِ this type ofِ radiation exposure, theِ researchers say.