How You Can Be Professional Without Being Boring


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How You Can Be Professional Without Being Boring

Dressing forِ work doesn’t haveِ to beِ boring.
You canِ wear a sport coat inِ oxblood, a bold bow tie, orِ evenِ mix business formal pieces withِ everyday items.
Adding personality toِ your workwear doesn’t meanِ dressing inِ inappropriate clothing suchِ asِ flip-flops, skinny jeans, andِ athletic wear.

For a casual workplace

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If youِ work inِ a moreِ relaxed environment — whereِ jeans areِ allowed — choose a pair ofِ jeans thatِ fit youِ wellِ inِ a dark wash toِ lookِ more professional.
A great outfit option isِ signature cuff jeans worn withِ a nice, casual sweater, paired withِ dressy boots inِ a chukka style.
You shouldِ keepِ your accessories toِ a minimum, soِ justِ wear a watch orِ a cuff youِ like.

For a creative workplace

Something that almost fits does not fit, so get it tailored |

Here youِ haveِ the mostِ flexibility withِ your outfits, butِ that doesn’t meanِ goingِ over theِ top withِ crazy clothes.
Before tryingِ thisِ ensemble, takeِ a peek at how yourِ superiors andِ co-workers dress.
You don’t wantِ toِ beِ sent toِ HR orِ worse, home toِ change.

For a formal workplace

Stylish sartorial choices areِ a mustِ atِ conservative work environments.
You canِ stick withِ classic tailored pieces — butِ with a twist.
Like a modern dandy, youِ canِ try: double breasted suits, oversized bow ties, blazers inِ a bold colors orِ patterns, andِ slim-fitting dark-colored suits inِ colors likeِ navy, burgundy, orِ evenِ a brocade suit.