How to Stick to an Exercise Routine


How to Stick to an Exercise Routine

Researchers areِ beginning toِ unravel whatِ makesِ us moreِ likelyِ to stick toِ a workout regime andِ what strategies weِ canِ employ toِ boost ourِ willpower.
A key isِ havingِ the confidence thatِ you canِ do it, a newِ study shows.
The researchers call thisِ type ofِ focused confidence self-efficacy.

Sticking to it

Those lacking theِ confidence toِ accomplish somethingِ oftenِ won’t evenِ try toِ start a newِ routine, orِ will quit atِ the earliest sign ofِ difficulty, McAuley said.
Strategies thatِ you canِ employ toِ increase yourِ self-efficacy include remembering previous successes, observing othersِ doingِ something youِ find daunting, andِ enlisting others’ support.
The researchers conducted a battery ofِ cognitive tests onِ 177 men andِ women inِ their 60s andِ early 70s, andِ alsoِ asked themِ whether andِ how oftenِ they set goals forِ themselves, monitored theirِ ownِ progress, managed theirِ time andِ engaged inِ other self-regulatory behaviors.

Self-efficacious mind-set

Participants wereِ randomly assigned toِ eitherِ a walking program orِ a stretching, toning andِ balance program, thatِ met threeِ times a week forِ a year.
Their self-efficacy wasِ assessed afterِ three weeks inِ the program.
Those whoِ stuck toِ theirِ program wereِ theِ onesِ who wereِ betterِ able toِ multitask andِ better control theirِ undesirable behaviors, theِ researchers found.