How to Protect Yourself From a North Korea Nuclear for Free

North Korea Nuclear

It’s a scary time in world politics. | STR/AFP/Getty Images

How to Protect Yourself From a North Korea Nuclear for Free

With theِ threat ofِ a nuclear attack byِ North Korea mentioned inِ the news daily, weِ areِ left toِ wonder what, ifِ anything, weِ shouldِ doِ to prepare ourِ households – withoutِ wasting money onِ anyِ unnecessary items.
Fortunately, thereِ areِ plenty ofِ low-cost items youِ canِ buy thatِ couldِ help youِ inِ the event ofِ a nuclear attack.
There areِ even someِ no-cost means ofِ protecting yourself.

1. Water and food

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Most ofِ the items forِ your kit areِ inexpensive, everyday items youِ wouldِ wantِ toِ haveِ availableِ in case ofِ a nuclear emergency.
A full, moreِ detailed list ofِ what shouldِ beِ in yourِ emergency supply kit, andِ information onِ where toِ store theِ kit, canِ beِ found here.
First andِ foremost, theِ kit shouldِ containِ one gallon ofِ water perِ person forِ atِ least threeِ days, forِ drinking andِ sanitation.

2. Clothing, prescriptions, and other essentials

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Other necessities forِ the emergency supply kit include medicine (prescription andِ over-the-counter), toiletries, a full change ofِ clothing andِ sturdy shoes perِ person, a sleeping bag orِ warm blanket perِ person, cash, forms ofِ identification, flashlights, andِ extra batteries.
A moreِ complete list ofِ items forِ your supply kit andِ a printable version ofِ the disaster supplies kit list areِ available onِ

3. Self-powered, emergency radio

Access toِ a self-powered, emergency radio couldِ save yourِ life andِ provide youِ withِ important updates, suchِ asِ when it’s safe toِ goِ backِ outside.
These radios oftenِ feature a hand crank, solar panels, andِ the capacity forِ charging USB cables.
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), andِ National Weather Service (NWS) haveِ implemented anِ Emergency Alert System, throughِ which, forِ instance, theِ president canِ address theِ American public duringِ a national emergency.

4. Family emergency plan

Make sure your family knows what to do in case of an emergency. | Pixsooz/iStock/Getty Images

Creating a family emergency plan costs absolutely nothingِ andِ could save theِ lives ofِ you andِ your loved ones. providesِ a handy checklist forِ creating information toِ share withِ family members including shelter plans, evacuation routes, andِ family communication plans.
The website alsoِ provides anِ emergency plan tailored toِ parents.

5. Blast shelter

Blast shelters areِ specifically built toِ offer protection againstِ pressure fromِ blasts, asِ well asِ initial radiation, heat, andِ fire.
However, keepِ inِ mind thatِ notِ evenِ a blast shelter canِ withstand a direct hit fromِ a nuclear explosion.
Focus overِ recent years insteadِ hasِ moved toِ creating shelters fromِ natural disasters suchِ asِ hurricanes.

There aren’t as many as there once were. | N-sky/iStock/Getty Images

6. Fallout shelter

Unlike blast shelters, fallout shelters areِ not necessarily built withِ theِ sole intention ofِ protecting againstِ fallout.
A fallout shelter canِ beِ anyِ space withِ walls andِ a roof thick enoughِ to absorb radiation givenِ off byِ fallout particles.
It isِ recommended thatِ to bestِ avoid fallout, youِ shouldِ goِ asِ far belowِ ground asِ possible orِ inِ the center ofِ a tall building.

Nuclear fallout

You mayِ beِ wondering justِ what fallout is.
After a nuclear bomb isِ detonated, radioactive material isِ propelled intoِ the atmosphere.
For moreِ information onِ nuclear fallout andِ its effects onِ the body, refer toِ thisِ Lifehacker article.

7. Materials to seal off windows and doors

Since theِ air outsideِ mayِ beِ dangerous, temporarily sealing offِ a room canِ help protect youِ fromِ harm. You canِ cheaply seal theِ windows, doors, andِ vents usingِ duct tape andِ plastic sheeting. It isِ recommended toِ remove theِ plastic covers withinِ twoِ orِ three hours, asِ suffocation couldِ occur ifِ the room isِ kept tightly sealed forِ more thanِ fiveِ hours.

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8. Mylar Thermal Blankets

They typically reflect backِ 80% toِ 90% ofِ your radiated body heat. One reviewer ofِ these products recommended usingِ twoِ ofِ them whenِ sleeping – oneِ to wrap aroundِ the body andِ another oneِ to place onِ the floor toِ prevent heat loss intoِ the ground. A durable, warm emergency sleeping bag forِ eachِ person inِ the family isِ alsoِ an important item toِ keepِ near yourِ emergency kit.

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9. Potassium Iodide tablets

Potassium Iodide saturates a person’s thyroid gland soِ that radioactive iodine particles cannotِ find a home there. Instead, suchِ particles areِ expelled outِ ofِ the body throughِ itsِ normal waste channels. Taking theseِ tablets canِ protect a person’s thyroid fromِ the damage caused byِ radioactive nuclear fallout.

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10. Walter filtration system

Some water filters doِ not require batteries andِ will purify contaminated water withoutِ theِ use ofِ iodine, chlorine, orِ other chemicals. It isِ said toِ remove waterborne bacteria andِ parasites. Such anِ item couldِ comeِ in handy whenِ thereِ isِ otherwise noِ drinkable water onِ hand.

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11. Air filtration system

Air filtration systems canِ beِ installed inِ a room orِ anِ RV. They areِ designed toِ over-pressure rooms toِ provide protection afterِ a nuclear event. These devices filter allِ air thatِ enters theِ room andِ thus protect againstِ toxins thatِ areِ part ofِ nuclear fallout.

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12. Move away from strategic targets.

Certain spots wouldِ likelyِ beِ considered asِ nuclear attack targets. Potential targets include strategic missile sites andِ military bases, government centers likeِ Washington, D.C. The list alsoِ includes oil refineries, electric power plants, andِ chemical plants.

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Nuclear attack information resources

There isِ a flood ofِ information online regardingِ surviving a nuclear attack, including supply kit lists, emergency management plans, timelines, andِ more. Department ofِ Homeland Security’s Communicating inِ a Crisis fact sheet andِ the Nuclear Blast information page referenced inِ this article (which alsoِ includes a link toِ anِ emergency plan checklist). Inside Edition released a report onِ what steps youِ canِ take toِ seek safety afterِ an attack: