How Safe Sex Can Be Fun | Condoms & Contraceptives


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How Safe Sex Can Be Fun | Condoms & Contraceptives

Safe sex, itِ seems, hasِ gottenِ a bad rap, withِ oneِ recent survey showing thatِ a quarter ofِ young men andِ women considerِ sex withِ a condom a hassle.
But there’sِ hope yet, asِ other newِ research finds safe sex canِ beِ fun.
The results couldِ help sex educators encourage safe sex, saidِ study researcher Devon Hensel, a professor ofِ adolescent medicine atِ the Indiana University School ofِ Medicine.

Beliefs about safe sex

Researchers conducted phone surveys withِ a nationally representative sample ofِ 1,800 unmarried men andِ women ages 18 toِ 29.
Almost 70 percent ofِ the women andِ 45 percent ofِ the men surveyed wereِ highly committed toِ avoiding pregnancy, butِ misconceptions aboutِ birth control wereِ prevalent.
For example, 40 percent ofِ respondents saidِ that usingِ birth control didn’tِ matter thatِ muchِ inِ preventing pregnancy.

Improving condom use

In herِ study, Hensel collected data fromِ 1,599 men who, asِ part ofِ the study, keptِ daily diaries ofِ their sexual activities.
In aboutِ 85 percent ofِ the sexual encounters recorded, theِ men reported usingِ a condom.
Older men wereِ moreِ likelyِ than younger men toِ report pleasurable experiences whileِ usingِ condoms, theِ researchers reported inِ the May issue ofِ the Journal ofِ Sexual Medicine.

His pleasure is reduced if she’s uncomfortable, because of the condom, Hensel said.

The results areِ anِ argument forِ making questions aboutِ condom useِ a part ofِ routine doctor’s care, sheِ said.
There’s thisِ long-standing stereotype aboutِ condoms asِ kind ofِ beingِ a downer, theِ thing weِ haveِ to doِ becauseِ we’re responsible ratherِ than theِ thing weِ wantِ toِ doِ becauseِ it’s ultimately theِ moreِ pleasurable thingِ becauseِ we’re beingِ safe, sheِ said.
It canِ beِ safe andِ it canِ beِ pleasurable..