How Long Will Your Love Last? Check Your Oxytocin


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How Long Will Your Love Last? Check Your Oxytocin

Just howِ long a relationship willِ lastِ canِ beِ predicted byِ the amount ofِ love hormone inِ the bloodstream ofِ a newly smitten person, a newِ study says.
Researchers measured levels ofِ oxytocin inِ people whoِ hadِ recently begun relationships.
Six months later, theِ couples withِ theِ higher levels ofِ oxytocin tended toِ stillِ beِ together, whileِ theِ othersِ hadِ split.

Ah, l’amour

The researchers, fromِ Bar-Ilan University inِ Israel, interviewed 60 couples inِ their 20s whoِ hadِ begun a relationship withinِ theِ previous threeِ months.
Members ofِ a couple wereِ firstِ interviewed separately aboutِ their thoughts, worries andِ hopes forِ the newِ relationship, andِ then togetherِ toِ discuss a positive experience theyِ hadِ shared.
The people inِ new relationships hadِ oxytocin levels thatِ averaged nearlyِ double thoseِ ofِ singles.

How high-oxytocin couples behave

Couples withِ higher levels ofِ oxytocin exhibited moreِ affection duringِ interviews, suchِ asِ touching andِ eye-gazing.
Such intimate behaviors mayِ increase oxytocin levels and, inِ turn, increase a couple’s emotional involvement inِ the relationship, theِ researchers said.
The researchers noted thatِ becauseِ the people inِ relationships wereِ notِ tested beforeِ they paired up, itِ wasn’t clear whichِ wasِ theِ causeِ andِ which wasِ theِ effect: whetherِ theِ newِ relationship increased theirِ oxytocin, orِ people withِ naturally high oxytocin levels areِ more likelyِ to couple up.

The study was published online Jan. 25 in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology.

Pass itِ on: Couples whoِ stay togetherِ haveِ higher levels ofِ oxytocin inِ their blood whenِ theyِ firstِ pair upِ thanِ doِ couples whoِ eventually split.
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