How Does Wi-Fi Work?


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How Does Wi-Fi Work?

Wi-Fi hasِ becomeِ anِ integral part ofِ our fast-paced everyday lives.
Thanks toِ Wi-Fi, weِ noِ longer haveِ to beِ tethered toِ theِ Internet withِ cables.
But haveِ you everِ stopped toِ wonder howِ it works?

Wi-Fi usesِ radio waves toِ transmit information betweenِ your device andِ a router viaِ frequencies.
Well, a hertz isِ just a measurement ofِ frequency.
One hertz isِ a frequency ofِ one wave perِ second.

The twoِ Wi-Fi frequencies areِ split intoِ multiple channels soِ asِ to prevent high traffic andِ interference.
When itِ comesِ to sharing theِ data across theseِ channels, well, that’s whenِ theِ magic—er, computer science—happens.
When youِ access theِ Internet onِ your device, itِ converts theِ information you’ve requested intoِ binary code, theِ language ofِ computers.