How Did Teen Survive Fall from Golden Gate Bridge?



How Did Teen Survive Fall from Golden Gate Bridge?

The Golden Gate Bridge isِ the mostِ popular suicide spot inِ the world.
On average, people jump fromِ the bridge onceِ everyِ two weeks.
A person jumping fromِ the highest point onِ the bridge willِ drop 245 feet beforeِ plunging intoِ the frigid San Francisco Bay waters below.

How do people survive falling from the Golden Gate Bridge?

Surviving a huge fall isn’tِ the type ofِ thing thatِ isِ easy toِ study throughِ direct experiments, butِ that hasn’tِ stopped physicists andِ doctors fromِ theorizing overِ what mayِ increase one’sِ chances ofِ emerging alive fromِ the bay’s frigid waters.
Explaining howِ people survive a fall isِ difficult becauseِ the particularِ facts, distance ofِ the fall, body types, wind shear, conditions inِ the water, vary soِ much, saidِ Charles Euchner, anِ author whoِ hasِ written aboutِ the physics ofِ surviving big falls andِ is researching a book aboutِ suicides atِ the Golden Gate Bridge.
He wasِ able toِ fight hisِ way toِ theِ surface ofِ the water andِ then evenِ attempted toِ swim toِ theِ bridge.

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