How Can Common Shoulder Problems Be Treated?


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How Can Common Shoulder Problems Be Treated?

This isِ the secondِ ofِ two columns onِ shoulder problems.
Read the first column, onِ common types ofِ shoulder injuries.] The shoulder isِ made upِ ofِ three bones: theِ collarbone, theِ shoulder blade andِ the upper arm bone.
The shoulder isِ the body’s mostِ movable joint.

Shoulder problems are most often first treated with RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation):

Other treatments:

Here are some easy exercises to strengthen shoulder muscles and prevent injuries:

An aerobic exercise program willِ helpِ improve theِ blood flow toِ a tendon orِ bursa.
Smokers shouldِ quit smoking soِ moreِ oxygen reaches theِ injured tendon.
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