Hotdogs, Cold Cuts Significantly Increase Diabetes Risk


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Hotdogs, Cold Cuts Significantly Increase Diabetes Risk

Just inِ time toِ spoil yourِ summer cookouts: Processed red meats suchِ asِ hotdogs andِ cold cuts, theِ sameِ things thatِ makeِ you fat andِ give youِ heart disease, mayِ alsoِ increase yourِ risk ofِ diabetes.
And whileِ thatِ mightِ not sound tooِ surprising — somethingِ you mightِ file inِ the ohِ well, everythingِ I likeِ isِ bad forِ me category — theِ degree toِ which processed meats areِ associated withِ diabetes isِ shockingly high, according toِ researchers atِ Harvard School ofِ Public Health.
7 Foods Your Heart Will Hate] The oneِ bit ofِ good news hereِ is thatِ meat eaters canِ switch toِ manyِ other foods thatِ lowerِ the risk ofِ diabetes, theِ researcher found.

Black day for red meat

Diabetes, hardlyِ known a century ago, isِ now pandemic andِ affects moreِ than 10 percent ofِ U.S.
Diabetes isِ closely associatedِ with obesity, andِ the incidence ofِ bothِ of theseِ chronic diseases hasِ risen inِ near parallel inِ recent years.
Red meat’s contribution toِ diabetes hasِ beenِ debated forِ several decades.

Toss another shrimp, or almond, on the barbie

The Harvard researchers alsoِ found thatِ a daily 100-gram serving ofِ unprocessed red meat, aboutِ the size ofِ a deck ofِ cards, wasِ associatedِ with a 19-percent increased risk ofِ diabetes.
The researchers foundِ that, forِ a meat eater, replacing oneِ daily serving ofِ red meat (processed orِ unprocessed) withِ a serving ofِ nuts perِ day wasِ associatedِ with a 21-percent lowerِ risk ofِ diabetes; substituting low-fat dairy, a 17-percent lowerِ risk; andِ substituting wholeِ grains, a 23-percent lowerِ risk.
Christopher Wanjek isِ the author ofِ the books Bad Medicine andِ Food At Work.