Herpes Virus Could Kill Aggressive Breast Cancer


Herpes Virus Could Kill Aggressive Breast Cancer

A genetically engineered version ofِ the virus thatِ causesِ herpes shows promise asِ a treatment forِ a particularlyِ aggressive type ofِ breast cancer, according toِ a newِ study inِ animals.
Triple-negative breast cancer isِ a form ofِ breast cancer thatِ cannotِ beِ treated withِ hormone therapies, suchِ asِ tamoxifen andِ Herceptin.
The results areِ preliminary, andِ it’s notِ clear whetherِ theِ therapy willِ haveِ the sameِ effect onِ tumors growing inِ people.

Herpes therapy

Triple-negative breast cancer accounts forِ aboutِ 20 percent ofِ allِ breast cancer cases.
andِ colleagues infected breast cancer cells inِ a dish withِ a herpes virus called NV1066.
The researchers thenِ injected breast cancer cells intoِ mice.

More research

The study isِ anِ extremely exciting step inِ the pursuit ofِ a cancer therapy thatِ uses theِ herpes virus, saidِ Dr.
Stefan Gluck, a medical oncologist atِ the University ofِ Miami’s Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.
However, theِ researchers stillِ needِ to show thatِ this herpes virus isِ safe toِ use inِ patients.