Health Value of Omega-3 Fatty Acids Questioned


Health Value of Omega-3 Fatty Acids Questioned

Omega-3 fatty acids, foundِ almost exclusively inِ fish, haveِ beenِ promoted forِ years asِ a wayِ toِ improve heart health, butِ recent studies areِ casting doubt onِ that idea.
A study ofِ moreِ than 3,000 people published online inِ the American Journal ofِ Clinical Nutrition showed noِ heart benefits ofِ a high consumption ofِ anِ omega-3 called alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).
For instance, inِ 2006, a study inِ the Journal ofِ the American Medical Association showed a 36 percent reduction inِ coronary heart disease fromِ omega-3 consumption.

What is one to make of the conflicting evidence?

Different omega 3s from plants, fish

The mostِ likelyِ explanation forِ these negative] results isِ state-of-art treatment withِ antihypertensive, cholesterol-lowering andِ anti-clotting] drugs, Kromhout said.
The widespread useِ ofِ drugs suchِ asِ statins hasِ reduced manyِ people’s risk ofِ coronary heart disease, soِ inِ study comparisons, noِ additional beneficial effect isِ seen fromِ omega-3 fatty acids, heِ explained.
Joseph Lau, a professor ofِ medicine atِ Tufts University andِ the main author forِ guidelines onِ omega-3 fatty acids andِ heart disease fromِ the U.S.

So which fish are best to eat?

While fish consumption isِ encouraged inِ moderation, Lau noted thatِ fish fromِ tropical climates haveِ fewerِ omega-3s.
Also, heِ said, whileِ moderate omega-3 consumption doesِ not haveِ negative side effects, theِ mercury alsoِ found inِ fish remains a concern.
It couldِ even explain theِ lost benefits ofِ omega-3s inِ some studies, becauseِ mercury hasِ anِ adverse effect onِ the heart.