Health Problems in Teens Linked with Worse Cognitive Skills


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Health Problems in Teens Linked with Worse Cognitive Skills

Teens withِ metabolic syndrome — a set ofِ health conditions linked withِ theِ development ofِ heart disease andِ diabetes — perform worse inِ school thanِ their healthier counterparts, according toِ a newِ study.
While muchِ research hasِ linked metabolic syndrome toِ health problems laterِ inِ life, thisِ paper demonstrates isِ there isِ something goingِ on inِ their brains today, notِ 20 years fromِ now, saidِ study researcher Dr.
Metabolic syndrome isِ diagnosed inِ people whoِ haveِ atِ least threeِ ofِ these fiveِ criteria: high blood pressure, insulin resistance, high triglycerides, a large waist andِ low levels ofِ HDL (good) cholesterol.

The hope is that exercise could have a similar benefit in children.

We knowِ exercise improves insulin resistance, improves blood pressure, improves body weight, soِ itِ should help, Miller said.
But a study inِ children hasِ not beenِ done.

Convit said he and his colleagues are beginning to explore that question in young adults.

Miller andِ Convit bothِ expressed hope thatِ research inِ this area wouldِ provide moreِ incentive toِ parents andِ policymakers inِ promoting active lifestyles.
I wouldِ hope thatِ a study likeِ this thatِ shows anِ impact onِ cognition wouldِ haveِ a muchِ bigger impact onِ parents, inِ terms ofِ their child’s obesity, saidِ Miller.