Hardest-Working Americans – States Rankings


A farmer returns from the fields after a hard day’s work. | Fox Photos/Getty Images

Hardest-Working Americans – States Rankings

Americans takeِ pride inِ their work ethic.
A newِ report fromِ CashNetUSA reveals whichِ states, specifically, tend toِ mostِ embody thatِ American work ethic.
To beِ more precise, theِ report ranks theِ states inِ terms ofِ motivation — or, inِ other words, a willingness toِ getِ things done.

Let’s take a look at the 15 states home to the hardest-working Americans.

15. North Carolina

The state of North Carolina is more than just basketball. | Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

North Carolina isِ much moreِ than college basketball championships andِ Cam Newton — thoughِ thoseِ two thingsِ doِ give usِ a snippet ofِ the state’s motivation levels relative toِ others.
While theِ CashNetUSA report doesn’t place North Carolina withinِ theِ top fiveِ of anyِ of itsِ specific categories, itsِ overall body ofِ work wasِ enoughِ to crack theِ top 15.

14. New Hampshire

The New England state ofِ New Hampshire isِ a bit ofِ anِ oddity.
It plays anِ important role inِ our election process and tendsِ to swing “red” fromِ time toِ time despiteِ beingِ surrounded byِ heavily “blue” states.
Per theِ report, itِ ranked withinِ theِ bottom fiveِ in terms ofِ startup density andِ the top fiveِ (second place) inِ the states thatِ eat theِ mostِ fruits andِ vegetables.

13. South Dakota

South Dakota isِ a beautiful, albeit desolate state.
It’s home toِ theِ Black Hills andِ Badlands, asِ well asِ Mount Rushmore.
The state ranked withinِ theِ top fiveِ in activity andِ productivity, asِ well asِ states withِ theِ mostِ social associations.

New Hampshire residents eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. | Darren McCollester/Getty Images

12. Delaware

You don’t hear a lot aboutِ the productivity levels inِ Delaware.
But thisِ sleepy oceanside state onِ the Atlantic seaboard isِ evidently notِ so sleepy.
A big reason.

11. Oregon

Even theِ blue haven ofِ Oregon isِ home toِ someِ ofِ the hardest-working red-blooded Americans.
In fact, asِ we’ll see, theِ entire West Coast makesِ anِ appearance onِ this list.
Oregon ranks 11th overall and onlyِ landed among theِ top fiveِ in oneِ individual category: states thatِ volunteer theِ most.

Residents are highly productive in South Dakota. | iStock.com/wellesenterprises

10. Virginia

The state ofِ Virginia isِ anِ interesting demographic mix.
There areِ rural andِ urban parts ofِ the state, asِ well asِ mountainous andِ beachfront areas.
And, ofِ course, Virginia borders Washington, D.C., toِ theِ north and houses manyِ federal properties andِ workers.

9. Minnesota

It mightِ seem likeِ Minnesota isِ too cold (or tooِ hot, depending onِ the time ofِ year) toِ getِ anythingِ done.
But it’s clearlyِ not true, asِ the CashNetUSA report places Minnesota withinِ theِ top 10 forِ most motivated states.
But it’s moreِ than justِ a feeling upِ inِ the North Star State.

People relax on the beach at Cape Henlopen, Delaware. | Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

8. Vermont

We commonly associate Vermont withِ flannels, beer, andِ bicycles — maybeِ evenِ maple syrup andِ lake monsters.
But theِ folks inِ Vermont areِ a hard-working bunch andِ as motivated asِ almost anyِ other state inِ the country.
Vermont’s high placement mostlyِ cameِ down toِ health-related factors, suchِ asِ obesity rates andِ the frequency ofِ which itsِ residents eat fruits andِ vegetables.

7. Utah

The state ofِ Utah isِ a budding powerhouse.
Although it’s largely rural, cities, suchِ asِ Salt Lake City andِ Provo, areِ attracting businesses andِ entrepreneurs likeِ fewِ others inِ the country.
People inِ Utah volunteer moreِ than anyِ other state inِ the nation, andِ it ranks thirdِ overallِ inِ startup density.

6. California

Staying inِ the West, California takes theِ sixth spot onِ the CashNetUSA report.
It’s actuallyِ one ofِ the largest economies inِ the world, notِ justِ among theِ 50 states.
Although theِ state didn’t crack theِ top fiveِ in anyِ specific category, California’s overallِ profile wasِ enoughِ to propel itِ up theِ rankings.

5. Washington

Just upِ theِ coast fromِ California, Washington hasِ managed toِ makeِ enoughِ of a case toِ land inِ the top five.
Washington, likeِ some otherِ states, hasِ anِ interesting mix ofِ industries.
There areِ giant tech companies inِ the West, huge agricultural operations inِ the East, andِ everyone elseِ in between.

4. Alaska

Life inِ Alaska isِ different, forِ lack ofِ a betterِ word. Everything — including grocery shopping andِ starting a business — requires moreِ effort. Because ofِ that, Alaska ranks veryِ high inِ terms ofِ motivation andِ productivity.

3. Wyoming

There’s a common theme among theِ remaining states onِ the list: They’re allِ rural, rugged, andِ out west. Wyoming isِ next, andِ it’s theِ mostِ sparsely populated andِ rural state inِ the country. That means theِ folks inِ Wyoming needِ to work hard — harder thanِ mostِ — toِ makeِ things work.

2. Montana

Bordering Wyoming toِ theِ north, Montana takes secondِ place onِ the CashNetUSA report. It does, however, haveِ a handful ofِ sizable population centers. On theِ report, Montana scored high inِ several categories, including thoseِ related toِ health andِ social associations.

… and in our No. 1 state.

1. Colorado

Productivity andِ motivation levels areِ a mile high outِ inِ Colorado. The Centennial State is, according toِ theِ CashNetUSA report, home toِ theِ country’s hardest-working people. “They wereِ howeverِ in theِ top 10 71% ofِ the time, demonstrating theِ importance ofِ viewing motivation usingِ multiple factors.”