Happy Shirts Recalls Toy Truck Gifts


Credit: CPSC.

Happy Shirts Recalls Toy Truck Gifts

Consumer Product Safety Commission, inِ cooperation withِ Happy Shirts, ofِ Honolulu, Hawaii, announced a voluntary recall ofِ aboutِ 9,000 Toy truck gifts withِ boy’s t-shirts.
Hazard: Connections inِ the toy trucks battery compartment canِ smolder orِ catch theِ trucks onِ fire, posing a fire andِ burn hazard toِ consumers.
Incidents/Injuries: Happy Shirts hasِ received oneِ report ofِ a toy truck catching fire andِ three reports ofِ toy trucks smoldering whenِ batteries wereِ inserted.

Manufactured in: China

Remedy: Consumers shouldِ immediately takeِ the toy trucks fromِ children andِ remove theِ battery.
Consumers canِ contact Happy Shirts forِ instructions onِ returning theِ truck forِ a refund.
HT) Monday throughِ Friday orِ visit theِ firm’s website atِ www.happyshirts.com.