Hand Sanitizers Under Fire as Superbug Fighters


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Hand Sanitizers Under Fire as Superbug Fighters

Sometimes a hand sanitizer willِ reach tooِ farِ in itsِ claims.
Four companies thatِ sayِ their products, including hand sanitizers, canِ prevent infection fromِ the superbug MRSA, orِ methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, haveِ beenِ issued warning letters byِ the U.S.
The agency saidِ itِ doesِ not haveِ sufficient evidence thatِ these particularِ products areِ safe andِ effective forِ these purposes.

The warning letters explain the companies are marketing these products in violation of federal law.

MRSA isِ a seriousِ public health threat.
The FDA cannotِ allowِ companies toِ mislead consumers byِ making unproven prevention claims, saidِ Deborah Autor, director ofِ the office ofِ compliance inِ the FDA’s Center forِ Drug Evaluation andِ Research.
Failure toِ doِ so mayِ result inِ legal action, including seizure andِ injunction, theِ FDA said.

The warning letters were sent to these companies:

The FDA encouraged health care professionals andِ patients toِ report anyِ adverse events orِ side effects fromِ these products toِ theِ agency’s MedWatch Safety Information andِ Adverse Event Reporting Program..