15 Tricks Your Grandma Used That Still Work Today


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15 Tricks Your Grandma Used That Still Work Today

Some advice fromِ the elder generation isِ bestِ left inِ the past.
For instance, there’s theِ idea thatِ a woman shouldِ alwaysِ be dressed perfectly whileِ serving herِ husband theِ dinner sheِ prepared (from scratch).
For example, Grandma probablyِ hadِ a fewِ cleaning tricks upِ herِ sleeve thatِ didn’t require fancy orِ expensive products.

1. Use vinegar to clean windows

Why waste money onِ stinky blue window cleaner whenِ you canِ make yourِ ownِ using items youِ haveِ lying aroundِ the house.
For a streak-free, chemical-free, andِ naturally antibacterial shine, combine equal parts hot water withِ distilled white vinegar inِ a spray bottle, andِ get goingِ on thoseِ windows andِ mirrors.
For a lovely scent, youِ canِ even add a fewِ drops ofِ your favorite essential oil (lemon smells likeِ clean, asِ Grandma wouldِ say).

Grandma Tricks

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2. Combat clothing stains naturally

Stains happen, butِ you don’t needِ expensive stain removers toِ fix theِ problem.
In fact, savvy grandmas knowِ most stains canِ beِ removed withِ someِ common household products youِ probablyِ haveِ lying around.

Here are some stain-specific natural remedies:

3. Restore pots and pans with bread crust

If Grandma’s pan becameِ crusted upِ with burnt-on bits, sheِ simply added baking soda andِ warm water andِ then usedِ theِ crusts ofِ herِ bread asِ a scrubber.
This works onِ allِ kinds ofِ pots andِ pans andِ on utensils, too.
For stubborn spots, tryِ soaking pots andِ pans inِ baking soda andِ water overnight toِ loosen upِ theِ stubborn debris.

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4. Clean the counters with grapefruit

Chemical-laced sprays haveِ no place inِ Grandma’s kitchen.
For a sweetly scented andِ sparkling countertop, simply follow inِ herِ footsteps byِ wiping downِ the surface withِ a grapefruit sliced inِ half.
Then, wipe downِ with a sponge orِ microfiber cloth.

5. Clean a little bit every day

Chances areِ Grandma hadِ a daily cleaning schedule sheِ stuck toِ — andِ you should, too.
Even ifِ you don’t haveِ a lot ofِ time toِ devote toِ your cleaning tasks, breaking downِ chores forِ the week andِ staying onِ top ofِ things makesِ cleaning easier andِ less time-consuming.
Some daily tasks toِ tackle thatِ will makeِ a big impact: bed-making, dishes, sweeping, andِ vacuuming.

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6. Use tea towels instead of paper towels

Paper towels areِ wasteful, andِ Grandma doesn’t approve ofِ wasting anything.
Linen tea towels mightِ seem charmingly retro, butِ beyondِ that they’re actuallyِ quite usefulِ andِ have beenِ making a real comeback.
Use themِ inِ place ofِ paper towels toِ wipe downِ countertops, dishes, glasses, andِ appliances.

7. Tea dye your dingy linens

Instead ofِ throwing awayِ stained sheets orِ towels andِ starting over, theِ bygone generation madeِ doِ with whatِ itِ had.
If youِ haveِ anyِ stained linens, youِ canِ tea-stain themِ forِ a uniform lookِ that’s alsoِ wonderfully chic.
To doِ this trick, add fourِ or fiveِ black tea bags toِ a bucket ofِ hot water, andِ let itِ steep forِ atِ least 10 minutes.

A little cleaning every day goes a long way. | iStock.com/DutchScenery

8. Try some borax for just about everything

Instead ofِ purchasing a special cleaner forِ eachِ space inِ your house, tryِ oneِ multi-purpose cleaner that’s beenِ aroundِ basically forever.
Borax isِ endlessly versatile and canِ beِ used toِ clean tile, porcelain, sinks, faucets, andِ even grease-spattered kitchen cabinets.
It alsoِ works wellِ asِ a pre-treatment forِ stains andِ can beِ added toِ your laundry asِ a booster.

9. Freshen the air with vanilla extract

You don’t haveِ to whip upِ a batch ofِ cookies fromِ scratch toِ makeِ your house smell amazing.
Instead, add a fewِ tablespoons ofِ vanilla extract toِ anِ oven safe dish, suchِ asِ a ceramic mug, andِ bake atِ 300 degrees Fahrenheit forِ one hour.
After aboutِ 20 minutes, yourِ house willِ start toِ smell amazing, noِ pricey air fresheners required.

10. Descale the showerhead with vinegar

Buildup onِ your showerhead canِ easily beِ removed withِ plain (and super cheap) white vinegar.
Add a fewِ cups ofِ vinegar toِ a resealable orِ plastic shopping bag.
Use a rubber band toِ secure itِ aroundِ your showerhead, andِ let itِ sit forِ a fewِ hours.

11. Whiten your whites naturally

Over time, pure white linens andِ towels mightِ getِ a littleِ yellow — butِ Grandma knowsِ justِ the trick toِ fix that.
Make a natural lemon whitener byِ squeezing theِ juice ofِ one lemon intoِ a gallon ofِ hot water, andِ let yourِ linens soak forِ a couple hours.
Hang toِ dry.

12. Make your own dish-washing liquid

Dish-washing fluid isِ pricey, soِ goِ aheadِ and makeِ your own. For sparkly clean dishes andِ zero hassle, add 1.5 cups ofِ regular white vinegar toِ your rinse compartment, andِ run asِ you normallyِ would.

13. Clean the commode with Borax

It’s Borax toِ theِ rescue again. To combat a yucky toilet, sprinkle 1 cup ofِ Borax aroundِ the bowl, andِ drizzle withِ ½ cup ofِ white vinegar. Let theِ concoction sit overnight, andِ give a good scrub theِ nextِ morning withِ a toilet brush.

14. Polish wood with lemon juice

Pre-made wood polish isِ a totally unnecessary expense. Make yourِ wood gleam byِ taking a cue fromِ gran andِ mixing 1 part lemon juice withِ 3 parts olive oil. Scrub withِ a microfiber cloth.

15. De-stink shoes with spices

Grandma wouldِ neverِ throw outِ anِ old stinky pair ofِ shoes. Instead, tryِ putting someِ crushed herbs andِ spices inِ a spare pair ofِ socks, andِ keep themِ inِ your shoes anytime you’re notِ wearing them. Some toِ try areِ cinnamon sticks, cloves, lemon peel, thyme, lavender, pine needles, rosemary, orِ anythingِ else thatِ pleases yourِ nose.