Games That Make You Feel Better About Life

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Journey is the stress-relieving game we’ve always wanted | Sony

Games That Make You Feel Better About Life

As youِ probablyِ know, life isn’t allِ butterflies andِ gumdrops.
Sometimes bad thingsِ happen, andِ you justِ haveِ to getِ through them.
Like books andِ movies, games canِ make usِ feel anِ array ofِ emotions.

1. Kirby: Planet Robobot

No game character packs a higher concentration ofِ charm intoِ its elastic pink body thanِ Kirby.
In addition toِ havingِ a title that’s fun toِ sayِ aloud, Kirby: Planet Robobot isِ alsoِ a delightful game fromِ start toِ finish.
The game isn’t veryِ challenging, butِ if you’re feeling downِ in theِ dumps, you’re probablyِ notِ lookingِ forِ a grinding slog anyway.

Forza Horizon 3 is the perfect racing game to make you feel better | Microsoft

2. Journey

Games don’t getِ more life-affirming thanِ Journey.
For manyِ who play it, theِ game canِ beِ something ofِ anِ emotional orِ evenِ religious experience.
You alsoِ find a scarf thatِ lets youِ glide throughِ theِ air, making itِ easier toِ explore theِ beautiful landscape.

3. Forza Horizon 3

If youِ haveِ evenِ anِ inkling ofِ anِ interest inِ racing games, Forza Horizon 3 willِ put a big smile onِ your face, noِ matter howِ downِ in theِ dumps you’re feeling.
You canِ explore thatِ terrain usingِ allِ manner ofِ vehicles, fromِ Porches toِ ATVs.
And ifِ you getِ lonely driving solo, youِ canِ play withِ upِ toِ threeِ friends inِ co-op racing.

4. Dragon Quest Builders

Rayman Legends is a fun side-scrolling adventure | Ubisoft

When life seemsِ hopeless, it’s oftenِ comforting toِ play games thatِ remind youِ ofِ childhood.
If you’re oneِ ofِ the manyِ people whoseِ firstِ role-playing games wereِ fromِ the Dragon Warrior series onِ NES (called Dragon Quest inِ Japan), you’ll find plenty ofِ nostalgia inِ this town-building spinoff.
The result isِ a surprisingly cohesive game thatِ emphasizes theِ bestِ of bothِ worlds — youِ getِ the mission-based structure ofِ anِ RPG combined withِ theِ creative leeway ofِ block-based crafting andِ construction games.

5. Rayman Legends

Cartoonish fun isِ what Rayman Legends isِ allِ about.
From theِ hand-painted backdrops toِ theِ lovingly exaggerated animations, Rayman andِ his pals areِ here toِ maximize theِ joy inِ your life.
Each level hasِ you makeِ your wayِ fromِ point A toِ point B, butِ what you’ll find inِ betweenِ is alwaysِ bizarre andِ charming — whetherِ it’s a tickle monster, a giant luchador, orِ the song “Eye ofِ the Tiger” beingِ played onِ a kazoo.

6. Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO is a great mood-boosting game | Remko De Waal/AFP/Getty Images

Sometimes theِ bestِ thing youِ canِ do toِ enhance yourِ mood isِ getِ some exercise.
Pokémon GO isِ a game thatِ makesِ sure youِ getِ off theِ couch andِ explore theِ world outside.
As youِ explore yourِ actual surroundings, you’ll find digital creatures youِ canِ try toِ catch, providedِ you haveِ enoughِ Pokéballs.

7. Super Mario 3D World

Nintendo hasِ alwaysِ been synonymous withِ creative, joy-inducing games.
And whenِ itِ comesِ to unbridled fun andِ clever gameplay, Super Mario 3D World hasِ it all.
Set inِ the brightly-colored Mushroom Kingdom, thisِ game hasِ you navigate three-dimensional levels whileِ hopping onِ enemies, leaping overِ pits, collecting coins, andِ grabbing allِ manner ofِ crazy power-ups.

Super Mario 3D World is bright, fun, and imaginative | Nintendo