For Women, Sex May Be Improved by ‘Mindfulness Meditation’


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For Women, Sex May Be Improved by ‘Mindfulness Meditation’

Am I pretty enough? Am I doing this right? Should I be going to yoga?

These kinds ofِ anxious, self-judgmental thoughts oftenِ run throughِ someِ women’s minds asِ they haveِ sex, experts say.
But a newِ study saysِ mindfulness meditation training — whichِ teaches howِ to bring one’sِ thoughts intoِ the present moment — canِ quiet theِ mental chatter thatِ prevents theseِ women fromِ fully feeling sexual stimuli.
Silverstein andِ her colleagues studied 44 college students, 30 ofِ whom wereِ women, andِ aboutِ half ofِ whom tookِ a 12-week meditation course.

What’s on women’s minds?

While scant research data exists onِ the mental chatter thatِ seemsِ to occupy manyِ women’s brains duringِ sex, Dr.
Elizabeth Kavaler, a urologist atِ Lenox Hill Hospital inِ New York, saidِ anecdotal evidence isِ abundant.
The bestِ part ofِ this study isِ that itِ validates thatِ the biggest part ofِ sexuality inِ women isِ emotional andِ mental, Kavaler said.

Distractions and judgment

As forِ mental chatter duringِ sex, Silverstein saidِ a huge range exists, fromِ women whoِ thinkِ ofِ other thingsِ duringِ sex withoutِ itِ impeding theirِ arousal, toِ othersِ who can’tِ function sexually ifِ a stray thought crosses theirِ mind.
She recommended meditation classes, whichِ areِ available across theِ country, toِ anyoneِ who feels theirِ sex life mayِ benefit fromِ a greater focus onِ the hereِ andِ now.
We needِ to letِ goِ of soِ muchِ of theِ self-judgment weِ haveِ in ourِ daily lives, Silverstein said.

The study is published in the November/December issue of the journal Psychosomatic Medicine.

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